Mile Posts Endurance:


Thank you for your interest in Mile Posts Endurance Coaching. I AM CURRENTLY BOOKED FOR 2013. Please check back later in the year for openings. Thank you!!


3 Months – $400

6 Months – $500

9 Months – $850

1 Year – $1000

Each training plan is developed for the specific runner. Individualized attention, frequent communication via email, text, and twitter.

The basis of all of the training plans:

  • Alternating easy and hard days
  • No more than three hard days per week
  • Maintaining a certain amount of mileage each week
  • Listening to our bodies and not pushing through the wrong type of pain
  • The belief that the mind is an important muscle and needs to be encouraged in order to make fitness gains
  • Tempo runs, track workouts, and fartleks are important workouts to improve speed
  • Understanding that not all runners want to run faster, some run to finish – our goals are unique to each of us
  • Proper footwear is an important part of ensuring that you do not get injured and can reach your full potential as a runner
  • Hydration is just as important as a workout
  • You are what you eat. Nutrition is an important aspect of any running program.


Training plans: 

Individually customized training plans:

3 months – $150

6 months – $175

9 months – $200


If you would like a coach to help you adjust your plan as the season goes on, as well as learn racing tips etc. then e-coaching is the best option. If you are comfortable adjusting your plan based on recent workouts and race performances than a customized training plan will meet your needs.


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