I just found out I am one of 8 women who made it to the final round of the Women’s Running Magazine Cover Model contest!!

I’m DREAMING as BIG as I can DREAM on this dream and would LOVE your vote to help me win!

It only takes a moment. You don’t have to register for anything or enter any information! Literally takes about 5 seconds and I would SOOOO appreciate it.


If you enjoy my blog I would LOVE it if you shared this link with your family and friends and asked them to vote for me too! The more the merrier :)



  1. I voted!!! Good luck girl!!!

  2. Wow, that is so exciting. I voted for you. Best of luck!

  3. +1 vote from Hungary :)

  4. i voted, good luck!!!

  5. Done!

  6. Very-exciting–just voted!

  7. AWESOME! I voted for you and will spread the word. Good luck – you deserve it!!

  8. Yay for you! I voted and I hope you win!

  9. I voted from 2 diff computers today! can we vote every day? I want you to win this so bad!! I would LOVE to do this!!!!! you go Dorothy!!!!!!! xxxx

  10. Laura Degnan says:

    I voted for you! Fingers crossed you win! Good luck!

  11. voted!!!!

  12. I voted! I hope you win! You’d look FABULOUS on that cover!

  13. Wow! That’s so cool! I voted! Good luck!

  14. I voted and hope you get this!! As a runner and mother of 3, I really enjoy your blog. My kids are past the stroller stage so I can leave them at home. However, I pushed a single or double jog stroller many miles. You would be an awesome candidate to win this. :)

  15. megan heidt says:

    I voted for you! Good luck girl.

  16. So awesome! I voted for you – hope you win!

  17. Thank you so so much!!!

  18. Thank you Megan!!!! :)

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