As a young child my brother and sisters and I would come up with names that went with our names.

My brother Ben’s initials were BLT – so naturally we called him a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. My sister Jessica Rose was JRT – so we called her a junkie rose tank [cause that makes perfect sense – right?]

Mine were DLT – somehow this was a McDLT – I didn’t like being compared to a hamburger about as much as I am sure my sister liked being a junky rose tank.

DB means Dorothy Beal but also DREAM BIG to me. It’s how I came up with my tagline DREAM BIG RUN LONG. DB – my initials – RL – the middle initials of my children [Raine, Lincoln, River].

I wanted to list out things that started with D that could describe me and my running. Words that could help me when I am feeling weak during a marathon.

I told myself that the best word to describe me is DREAMER. I dream a dream – like running under 4 hours and I make it happen. Then I dream BIGGER – qualify for Boston – and I make it happen. Then I dream again – run under 3:30 – and I make it happen. I keep dreaming and dreaming and dreaming and making my seemingly impossible dreams come true.

A light bulb went off in my head last night.

DTB – Dare To Be. [Dorothy Thoburn Beal]


I want to live my life every day – Daring To Be ME knowing that being me is enough.

It’s important in life to be an authentic version of yourself rather than to trying to be a copied version of someone else.


What word[or words} that go with your initial[or initials] can you find to describe yourself or your running?


  1. OMG! My grandpa and I did this when I was little. The only one I remember, sadly, is JLK = Just. Love. Knowledge. I was (and still am) such a book worm. If there’s something I want to learn about it, I go find a book or article on it! :)

  2. Love it! I do this with car license plates I see during a run, hehe…

    My initials would stand for… Not Much Here. :)

  3. Oh love this!!! I need to think about my initials now and come up with something good. Maybe Happiness Inside Me (H.I.M.) or if I use my middle name Happy Running Is Me 😉

  4. My mom’s name is Hope. She’s AWESOME and her name suits her beautifully. Two of my sisters are named Heidi & Heather. I was always bummed when I was a kid that my name didn’t start with H, too. Just a few years ago, a friend pointed out that PHOEBE is just BE HOPE a little mixed up. That realization makes me so happy!

  5. Love this, Dorothy! The photo is great :) Love that you’re rockin’ the pink hat and arm sleeves! Keep dreaming big!!

  6. Love the photo!

  7. ahh so cool! i need to think of mine.

  8. My initials are BSC. Yes, B.S.

    I don’t know what my parents were thinking.

  9. I love this post :) What about mine??

  10. This is a fabulous post! While I don’t have an answer for you right now…I’m definitely going to think about this one and hopefully come up with an answer! Thanks for sharing!

  11. hmm well I always refer to my believe I am “mind body soul” shirt as my MBS shirt, which happens to be my initials!

  12. Love this post too. Great exercise for the mind. I came up with: Know Love Strong for my initials KLS because I desire to know love because God is love and He is my strength and that is where I find my strong whenever times are tough or my run is hard, It’s His love and His strength that keeps me going :)

  13. This is a clever idea. Who am I? MT… “must try” ? orrr “Mostly tough.” orrr.. your dare to be is way cooler and even more appropriate haha. :) I’ll keep thinking!

  14. Love the slogan, especially knowing the meaning behind it! My initials CBD = crazy big dreamer :)

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