Shortly after my Boston Marathon 2011 post my grandmother asked my mother, Do you think Dorothy embellishes her stories, or is that how she really felt during the marathon? To which my mom replied, No Dorothy lives passionately, she does not see things how most do, her Boston story was dramatic because that is how she lives her life. It got me thinking…..

I do live passionately. I am inspired by the littlest of things. It is why when I am happy — I am over the moon, ain’t nothin gonna break my stride, happy.

I got no sleep last night. I am not kidding. Baby C does not like sleeping in his room, and I do not blame him. It is so much nicer sleeping near mommy than it is sleeping down the hall. When I went in at I-don’t-even-know-what-time-it-was to calm him down and feed him, Chloe came running in crying. Her legs hurt.

I only believe this excuse because as a child and even as an adult my legs hurt. They felt as if they were being stretched. I literally felt as if I could feel them growing. Next to childbirth it is one of the most painful experiences of my life. I told her she could go to my room and I would be in to snuggle her in a minute. Baby C never calmed down, so I just brought him to my room and the three of us attempted to go to bed. Baby C woke up so many times that it even annoyed Chloe, so she headed back to her room to get some zzzzz’s.

I tell you this because I did not want to run this morning. I wanted to drop Chloe off at school, pray baby C would fall asleep in the car, and then try to con Miles into watch tv in my bed while I took a nap. Instead I put on my running clothes, and packed the car up for a double stroller run, after we dropped Miss Chloe Raine off at school.

While in the parking lot before our run my garmin clicked to 8:18. Okay Dorothy maybe this run will be good, and even if it is not, you still went running. The first mile was painful – 9:05. It is hard catching your breath and getting your stride when you are pushing a double stroller. On my second mile I started to feel happy, I was running in the moment and was appreciative of my body. 8:42.

Up ahead I saw a lady walking. As I got closer I recognized her, I had met her one time before. She used to live in England and happened to know my godmother Joanie, who died many years ago. It made me smile inside. I thought – look at you now Dorothy – Joanie would be so proud of you, your children, and your determination.

Shortly after passing her I came upon a mother goose and her little chicks. I smiled SOOO big. I had just recounted a story to a friend yesterday about the time I watched a mother goose crossing a major highway – it was 2006. I watched as her little ducklings got hit one by one as they tried to cross then turned back – they were stuck in the road and could not get off. I was pregnant at the time. I sobbed as I saw another mother loosing her babies – it was painful as I could not do anything to help.

Yesterday as I left the parking lot of the W&OD trail after another run, I saw a turtle who had made it across the turn lane and was walking into two lanes of traffic. I panicked. I could not watch this turtle get run over and die. My heart pounded as a put my car in park and ran over to the turtle. I seriously did not want to touch him, but sometimes you go to do what you got to do. I grabbed him, ran over to the woods, set him down and hopped back in my car. I was greeted with thumbs up from cars passing by who had seen what I had done. Good deed for the day DONE.

I smiled at those ducks – happy that a mommy was with her babies and they were safe. I thought to myself – did you really just smile at ducks? You are such a cheese ball. No, Dorothy you are passionate. You feel things deeply. Running makes you feel things even deeper. Run like nothing can slow you down. 8:40.

In the 4th mile I was running up a hill. I wanted to stop and walk, which happens frequently on double stroller runs, but I did not. I never walk, because pushing through works my mental muscle. I can not let a run defeat me during training or it will be that much easier for it to defeat me during a race. As I looked up from the ground I saw two lovely ladies biking towards me. You go GIRL. Fantastic job. Keep it up. The second woman remarked – seriously amazing – great job. I smiled SO big. Those women made my morning and reminded me that even in my weakest moments I am strong. I looked down at my watch – 8:18 for my 4th mile. Oh Dear Lord – I love you – I love that you have given me this life and mind where I can feel passionately about the littlest of things. Thank you for another 8:18.

On cloud nine from those encouraging words I decided I was going to push it for the last mile. Since baby C was born I have not attempted a double stroller mile in the 7’s and I felt like today was the day I could do it. I started to kick it. Up ahead I saw two more bicycles. It was JODI and her son! The sister and nephew of one of my dear friends. Again I smiled. I kicked it that last mile and heard my garmin beep – 7:30.

TAKE THAT TIRED. Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride – Nobody’s gonna slow me down – Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving – Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride – I’m running and I won’t touch ground -Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving……

…….I’m having a good good day….

Hope you are too!!


  1. I RUN LIKE A GIRL says:

    You go girl! I feel tired after not getting 8 hours of sleep – and I don't have 3 kids! You are my inspiration :)

  2. Samantha says:

    Wow!! That is so amazing. Good for you, Dorothy!

  3. Julie D. says:

    amazing!!! Way to go, Dorothy!

  4. crewser says:

    wow! you are an awesome running momma! every time I am tired from a busy night/early morning with my toddler I am going to think of this post and learn to dig deep and get my run in, even during the times when all I want to do is crawl on the couch and nap. keep it up!!

  5. aw, i saved a turtle today too! (and was a wimp and grabbed 2 tissues so i wouldn't hafta touch it! ha! But you know, germs and all…) I passed one up yesterday on a busy street and felt so guilty for not stopping (though i thought it was too busy for me to safely stop) so i'm glad i helped out this big guy today!

  6. Christy says:

    Totally awesome and inspirational!!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Yipee! Yes, very inspirational. I love your attitude. And I say "you're so cute" whenever I pass Geese walking around. I'm glad you saved the turtle. :-)

  8. says:

    I love this post! I meant to comment on it awhile back…but I think I read it right before blogger crashed and then forgot to come back to it. I love that you live passionately and are happy! I am like that too…some days I am just so happy and greatful I feel like I could explode! I am a very passionate person…sometimes to a fault. Even when things aren't going perfectly, I still feel greatful for everything I've been given. During some of my runs I literally feel giddy with happiness…I'm glad to hear someone else feels this way too :)

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