Recently someone remarked that I have very patient kids in order to run so many miles with them. I had to laugh a little. Patient and my children are not two things that I ever think of together. Maybe their lack of patience comes…ahem…ahem…from their mom….

You may wonder then how on earth I can get all three of them to co-operate for many, many stroller runs. [a total of 26+ miles last week alone were stroller runs].

I always ask my kids if they want to go running.

This may sound ridiculous that I give them a choice, but I do not want them to hate stroller running, or hate me for making them go stroller running. There are days they say no. I then try to explain to them how much mommy loves to run and how fun it will be, sometimes this is enough to get them to go, other days it is not. On those days I do not take them running. I either take a day off from running, or try to squeeze it in at night when my husband is home.

I bribe them.

Want to go the park? Okay well mommy will take you to the park but the only way to get to the park is for us to get in the running stroller, run 6 miles and then we arrive. They do not have to know that the park is actually less than 1/2 a mile from our house and that I am taking the VERY long route to get there.

I talk to them.

We sing songs, work on the alphabet, tell stories and more. Our runs are not silent. They are my running buddies and I talk to them as if I had an adult running next to me. We look for flowers and remark on beautiful trees. We chase down butterflies and smile when we see dragonflies.

On this same note I do not EVER EVER EVER listen to music when I am pushing them. The safety of my children is my utmost priority. When you are listening to music, even if it is low, you have the tendency to get into a zone, or worse not react as fast when you hear something. I do not want to be in a zone when I am with them. I want to be present in the moment, paying attention to them and anything that might happen along our run.

As you can imagine a double or triple stroller is wide, too wide for a sidewalk. I run on the very edge of the widest streets I can find, so I must always be aware of my surroundings. [my single stroller will fit on a sidewalk but I do not run on sidewalks EVER – concrete is terrible for your body]

I run prepared.

Each of them brings a bottle of water, just like mommy does. We pack plenty of snack options as well, often eating breakfast on the run to keep occupied.

We play games.

I spy with my eagle eye something that begins with G.

We race.

When Chloe and Miles see a runner or walker up ahead they say ‘mommy catch them’ – sometimes it takes a minute, other times if they are running, we can spend a long time trying to catch them. Those runs are speed work!


Once all other options have been exhausted I give them little lollipops as treats. Usually by the end of two or three mini lollipops I am finished with the run. My kids know they do not get these unless we are running!

They have been running since they were conceived. Literally.

I ran all 9 months of pregnancy with all three of my kids. I have an infant car seat adaptor for my single and double BOB and started running with all of them right after they were born. They love running because they do not know life without running.

Yesterday as we started our run I told them today mommy would run shorter than the 7 miles we had run on Monday. Chloe yelled back – WHY Mommy? We love seeing the world! Right Miles – you like seeing the world? We love feeling the wind.

Yeah mommy we love the wind….remarked Miles.

Colton was napping so I attempted to break my 9 mile triple stroller PR.

WE did it. 10 miles NOT stopping in an 1:29.  On second thought maybe my kids are patient?

Mile 1:9:03

Mile 2: 9:00
Mile 3: 8:58
Mile 4: 9:27
Mile 5: 8:37
Mile 6: 8:43
Mile 7: 8:57
Mile 8: 9:20
Mile 9: 9:01
Mile 10: 8:36


  1. Tri-Living says:

    Amazing!! Keep telling peeps how you do it. I can't tell you how many young moms I know who tell me they can't! I have and yes you can!! Mine are older now but there was a time when I had to work out with wee little ones.

  2. You are SUCH a rockstar! I hope I can do this one day!!!

  3. Your kids are adorable I love that they love running as much as you do!

  4. Chris @ Heavy Steps says:

    I am sure they well remember these times you have had together. Just think, you could play these games again when all of you are going out for a run when they are older!

  5. Jennifer says:

    That's awesome! Reminds me of running with my little one. Enjoy it while you can because you'll blink and then they are too big for it!

  6. what age should i start using the jogging stroller? I'm due early September and wasn't sure if I should wait til spring or start right away in the fall?

  7. Michelle @ The Cooking Life says:

    I love what your kids said – what exposure they have to the world around them! I think that is truly invaluable, as is time with their mom! :)

  8. I am no where close to having children but this is amazing. I need to teach my future children how to love the running stroller :) Sounds like great quality time!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Amazing. I love the "let's go to the park" tactic. I totally admire how you manage to make this fun for kids while also getting your runs in. A win win.

  10. Christy says:

    Totally awesome!!!!!

  11. Jessica (Pace of Me) says:

    Yay! I love this. My kids are the same way – they would prefer to go on a stroller run any day of the week (as opposed to me going without them or me running on the treadmill)…I took baby G out yesterday and in the fall I plan to push both boys a lot together :-) maybe with the Beal boys if we can figure out how not to take up the whole trail!!! xxoo

  12. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says:

    Your triple jogger paces really make me feel lazy for my single jogger paces. Wow!

    I love your tactics. I like to ask LBM too. He usually wants to go with me however he is wanting more and more to just run. I finally may have my runner so I give him lots of opportunities to run with me before and after my miles because I want to keep his interest in running alive. It may make my workouts take longer but the extra time adds so much more fun!

  13. {lifeasa}RunningMom says:

    Awesome and I incorporate some of the same tricks. I do ask my daughter if she wants to go first and sometimes it takes coaxing but if she is deadset against it, I run later or on my treadmill.

    I have found she likes having little bottles of bubbles and being in charge of my drink bottle. She gets to take sips and give it to me when I ask.

    I can't imagine doing a triple stroller but love that they are out there and know I would do it if I had three!

    And yes, NEVER listen to music when running with the kiddos! One of my own safety rules too!

  14. Kristen says:

    I'm totally going to hang on to this as I plan on being a running mom as soon as I give birth in October! I want my baby to be used to running from birth (since unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to run all 9 months like you).

  15. The Hungry Mom says:

    thats awesome! so so sweet what chloe and miles said about loving to see the world!! you are teaching them that that is the best part about running :)

  16. I used to feel guilty about forcing my son to ride in the stroller for hours, but when he wasnt' sleeping (I tended to run during nap times) I would also point out different things around us, sing songs, etc. He liked to go most days and it really was a great bonding time. He was my little running buddy. I kind of miss it now since I can't really run with them. I don't have anywhere to store a running stroller and it doesn't fit in our elevator.

    You are amazing, BTW, for doing a triple stroller run in that amount of time!! You go!

  17. Wow! I only pushed two and that was hard. I had the oldest one ride her bike. It really is a fun family time!

  18. Oops! Sorry about messing up my first post. Here goes another try:

    This is so motivating for me! My hope for my children is that they learn from a young age to love the feeling of being well-rounded, healthy people. My hope for myself is that I can be a fit-mommy with my children. This sounds like such a better experience than dropping them in the gym's daycare and heading for a treadmill, although that has its place, too! Way to be awesome!

  19. Tia@Runner Mom says:

    LOVE that triple stroller picture!! Cute, cute kids!! Great ideas about how to keep little ones entertained while running. I have done/ used many of those things myself when I've pushed mine. I think you are making great memories for your little ones!

  20. says:

    Aw this is so great! What they said literally melted my heart! You are giving your children and yourself such an amazing gift by running with them!

  21. Wow, 3 kids in a stroller? :) wow congrats!

  22. Mandi with an "i" Runs says:

    Awesome, just awesome. Brought a tear to my eye! Can't wait to have kids! You are an amazing mother!!

  23. Wow! That's my usual time with NO kids! 😉 I love your perspective and although my husband and I don't have any kids right now, this is exactly how I would hope to raise our kids…your approach is incredible – I love it. Way to run and keep it up with your family! 😀

  24. seemommydo says:

    Dorothy, this post gave me chills. To me, it's has children's storybook written all over it, seriously- that is something you could pursue! I love that your children said those sweet things, so innocent and pure!

    My little one is three, and she tells me 'mommy don't go run by yourself, bring me!' We unfortunately had to leave our jogger in VA when we moved, so I'm looking for a new to me one, so we can share running together again.

  25. Thanks, those are all great ideas! I'm sure your kids love going with you. You make it fun for them and they get to spend some quality time with you and each other.

    They are very patient kids though.

  26. {lifeasa}RunningMom says:

    Thanks for resharing this link today. I am going to have to stock up on those Halloween lollipops right now and keep them hidden! I really want to work up the distance of my long runs with the jogging stroller.

    Mahalo again and have a wonderful day!

  27. I ran 22 miles pushing my 9 month old, and two half marathons last summer one of them pushing both of my kids. I have been running through the winter with my Phil n Ted double stroller with a winter cover for both that I bought on Walmart (online), and It’s amazing the way I feel after each run.

  28. Where did u get your triple stroller? I can’t them anywhere.


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