I LOVE it when you love what you see on Mile Posts.

What I ask is that you give credit where credit is due.

If you read a blog post on Mile Posts and it inspires you to go write a similar post that’s awesome – but please credit my blog as your source of inspiration. I spend many hours weekly working on posts, taking photographs. If it inspires you and you right a post – please do not use my exact words unless you are quoting me and link to my blog.

I don’t steal your photographs so please don’t steal mine.

If you love a picture on my site and want to pin it please remember to link to the post you took it from [sometimes this happens automatically]. Please do not take a photograph from my blog and use it on your blog with out permission. With the exception of a few photographs used here and there with permission, every photograph on this blog is mine. Using it without permission is stealing.

Re-posting blog posts for commercial use requires permission.

End.Of.Story. I don’t take your content, please don’t take mine, unless you have asked and I said yes.

I Run This Body™ and Dream Big Run Long™ are registered trademarks of Mile Posts Endurance LLC.

If you like my tag lines I encourage you to use them on your personal blog, facebook [please link to Mile Posts Blog], and twitter account – but please give me credit. You must contact me and ask for permission to use them for commercial use.


Thank you very much for honoring all the time and effort I put into this blog.

I love a good comment!

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