As I have gotten older I have become more aware of the damaging effects of the sun on my skin as well as my eyes.  I wear a hat on every run to shade my eyes, and also protect the skin on my forehead[it’s large and has gotten sun burnt too-many-times-to-count]

As a teenager I lived in the sun.  Tanning with baby oil on my back deck and going to the pool with no SPF in tow.  I gained weight in college and tried to counteract my new larger figure by tanning.  GTL – Jersey style. [yes I went to college in Jersey].  I at times have even had a membership to my local tanning salon.  GASP.
All this changed after the birth of my daughter.  I started to notice sun spots on my arms and hands. One might assume these were freckles but I am all too aware that I was not born with these. They do not come and go and I’m afraid are here to stay.  Soon after getting pregnant with my son I noticed that I started getting sun spots of sorts on my face, only they weren’t spots, more like patches.  After much research I found that I have what is commonly called “pregnancy mask” or melasma

Who knows if taking care of my skin better when I was younger would have prevented the sunspots and melasma.  What I do know is now that I am better informed and would like to halt any further damage, I take care of myself better. 

What changes have I made?  I wear sunscreen on my face on every run.  On long runs I lather up with SPF as if I am going to the pool[make sure yours is sweat proof.]  I wear hats.  I wear sunglasses.

Up until I got my new Ryders sunglasses I’ll admit that I was better at wearing my hat and sunscreen than I was glasses.  Why?  Because I found it hard to find glasses that I liked, that worked, that wouldn’t fog up and that stayed put when running.  I eventually found an awesome pair of glasses, that while they looked stupid worked. They cost me $1.50 at Old Navy.  They served their purpose, or so I thought, of keeping my eyes shaded at the B & A Marathon, but broke soon after. I later learned that plain sunglasses, with no UVA & UVB protection, are worse than not wearing sunglasses at all.[insert stressed out mom who always makes her kids wear sunglasses in the sun – am I doing more harm than good? must research this asap!]
Here in lies the problem with glasses such as my I-thought-I-was-protecting-myself Old Navy versions.  “The dark lenses cause the pupils to dilate, allowing more of the dangerous UVA radiation to damage the lens and the retina.”   This is why it’s especially important to invest in a pair of glasses that protect you from both UVA & UVB rays[which my Ryders sunglasses do!!} Thank goodness I learned this at age 28 instead of 58.  Had I not gotten a pair of Ryders glasses I might have never have done this important *research* on why it’s important to have proper eyewear.
My Ryders sunglasses have solved my eyewear issues. They have also made me want to wear glasses on all my runs!! 
The Hex [in hot pink oooo la la] has interchangeable lenses, stays put on my nose when running, aren’t heavy, and don’t fog up.  I occasionally have problems with glasses that sit too close on my face[ I feel my eyelashes batting the lenses] but have no such issues with this pair.  At $59.99 I happen to think this is a steal for quality glasses!  Plus this company has been around for 25 years, which means you can trust them and their products.

Do you wear Ryders Sunglasses?  Do you love them as much as I like mine?  Tell us!!

Ryders is giving away one free pair of their Vigor sunglasses.  They protect you from both UVA & UVB rays, have anti slip nose pads, are shatter proof, and photochromic among other things.  They also happen to look good on both males and females [my husband and I both tried them out for looks].  I wish I was keeping them for myself :)

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**Winner will be announced shortly after 9/1 and will be chosen by random number generator. 


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