I’ve been meaning to order a RoadID for years. Literally years. I tell myself after every close call with a car that seemed to swerve towards me instead of away from me, after every creepy noise I hear behind me at 5:30 am, every time I take two of my kids on a run with me – that I need a RoadID.

My Road ID Keeps This Little Guy Safe Too!
What’s a RoadID? It’s a nifty little gadget created by the father and son duo of Mike and Edward Wimmer, that carries important information on it, should something happen to you while you are out running, cycling, swimming, hiking, you name it! It helps first responders identify who you are faster and learn of any pertinent medical information, as well as alerting them who to contact immediately. In bad situations time is often of the essence, so having such information on you can be vital.

I finally bit the bullet, so they say, and ordered one – and guess what? I love it even more than I thought I would. I’m not a huge fan of walking around in athletic gear all day, when I go to race expos I wear jeans and typically a shirt from J Crew, no previous race jackets for me. I always find myself however secretly wanting people to know that I run. Road ID. Not only is this little thing functional but it’s pretty ‘cool’ looking in my opinion – so I’ve just been wearing it around town. Honestly maybe something could happen to me in line at Starbucks?! You just never know. I’ll be safe rather than sorry from now on, and maybe just maybe someone will see it and know that I secretly want them to know that I run.

In honor of the 26.2 miles I will be running next Saturday 3.26.2011 – I will be giving away a FREE Road ID of your choice!!

Here’s how you enter:
**Note: You must be a follower of my blog for your entry to count

Do 1 or more of the following and leave separate comments for each entry. The more you do, the more chances you have to win!

1. Follow Road ID on twitter (extra entry if you tweet this – I just entered the @roadid giveaway by @mileposts) Note: You can tweet this once daily for an extra entry each day. Please comment below each day you enter.
2. Like Road ID on facebook (extra entry if you post this on your facebook page – I just entered the Road ID giveaway at http://www.mile-posts.blogspot.com/ – you should too!)

3. Visit http://www.roadid.com/ – then comment below what style/color you would order if you win and what motivational/funny/or inspiring words would you include on your Road ID. [on mine I put my mantra Dream Big – Run Long and two Bible verse references – Isaiah 40:31 and Phil 4:13]

That’s more than 5 different ways to enter and remember you must be a follower to enter!
Winner will be chosen on 3.28.2011 and will receive the order code shortly thereafter. I was not paid for this review. The opinions are my own. I was given a free Road ID as well as the opportunity to offer you a free Road ID as well in exchange for this review.


  1. Pemberton Family says:

    I can totally relate. I have been telling myself I need to get one too for a couple years now but still haven't done it! I liked them on facebook.

  2. Pemberton Family says:

    I would probably have to go with the blue band and my favorite bible verse Proverbs 4:5-6

  3. If I win, I'd get the Original in pink. My inspirational words would be "Let your sparkle out."

  4. I tweeted! Great idea and what a fun giveaway…I'm a newer reader to your blog but am inspired by all you do with a family (I'm married w/no kids). Thanks for this chance to win and run safer!

  5. I also just "liked" Road ID on facebook and updated my status. Hoping to spread the word (and thanks for another entry!).

  6. Good website. I think I would get the red one (loved the yellow but it'd probably get dirtier a lot faster! 😉 and would get my catch phrase, "Huck it huge!" (kind of life "go for it!"), inspired by my favorite verse, John 10:10.

  7. Beachgirlrunning says:

    Such a great product! I've been meaning to order for awhile – yes – its on the neverending
    "to-do-list";). I love the one that goes on your shoe. Knowing me – it I had the bracelet, I would forget to put it on. As for a phrase – "Go – Mommy – go" would totally motivate me! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  8. Samantha says:

    I liked them on facebook. Thanks for the give-away!

  9. Momma K and her Krew says:

    I liked them on fb!

  10. Momma K and her Krew says:

    I like the wrist elite I think..and yellow to match my Minuzos unless I go all crazy and go orange. I always tell myself Believe…and just GO so I might put that on there…but I would really have to think. It is important to me so I want to make it count.

  11. carljsamuelson™ says:

    I followed/tweeted and liked/posted status update.

    I'd order the "Ankle ID", in black. Besides info & ICE; I'd have one of my favorite phrases inscribed: The first step…

    As in, "A marathon starts with the first step", or "Getting off the couch is the first step", etc., etc.

  12. S Club Mama says:
  13. S Club Mama says:

    I like Road ID on FB (http://www.facebook.com/ra.schmid/posts/210937638921643) and put my status as that.

  14. S Club Mama says:

    I would get my husband an ID Elite in Red. I would put "you look hot" on it – just kidding but he really does when he runs but I'd let him put whatever he wanted on there. I have Hebrews 12:1-3 on mine.

  15. Ms. Martha Lilian says:

    I'd LOVE the write ID Elite in Pink and inscribe it with "I run like a girl."

  16. I already follow @RoadID on Twitter

  17. I tweeted about the giveaway

  18. Already like RoadID on FB

  19. I would LOVE the wrist sport in purple with the mantra I've used at both my marathons "whatever gets you through". I even had that personalized on my Nike jacket from the 2009 Nike Womans Marathon in SF.

    Yay – 4 entries :)

  20. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS says:

    I like Road ID on Facebook!

  21. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS says:

    I would get a purple elite

  22. I followed on Twitter.

  23. I tweeted about entering.

  24. I swear, one of these days I'll just buy one instead of continuing to try to win one.

    I follow them on twitter.

  25. I've "liked" them on facebook for ages.

  26. I follow RoadID on twitter!

  27. I follow Road ID on twitter!

  28. And, I tweeted about it.

  29. I already like Road ID on facebook.

  30. I'd get the wrist ID in red, with the quote "fatigue is a choice." Great give-away!

  31. i follow them on twitter!

  32. and on fb!

  33. and i'd get a wrist ID in blue or purple. "FAITH NOT FEAR"

  34. and i tweeted!

  35. I'm now following your blog and I'm following road id on twitter.

  36. I would get the ankle id in blue. My motivational phrase would "Run your heart out"

  37. i follow roadid on twitter @erica_h

  38. i tweeted


  39. i liked roadid on fb

  40. Jenn Requist says:

    I liked on FB

  41. Jenn Requist says:

    I posted the link on FB

  42. Jenn Requist says:

    I'd get the blue one and have the phrase "Running for my life" on it!

  43. ohmmommy says:

    Follow Road ID on twitter.

  44. ohmmommy says:
  45. ohmmommy says:

    Like Road ID on FB (Jill McC…)

  46. ohmmommy says:

    I like the Elite in pink. "Strong like me." is my motivation.

  47. SupermomE12 says:

    I liked Road ID on facebook

  48. SupermomE12 says:

    I went to their website and I like the Elite ID in GREEN! :)

  49. ohmmommy says:
  50. runwithfocus says:

    I tweeted!

  51. runwithfocus says:

    I'm following road ID on twitter

  52. runwithfocus says:

    I like the pink road ID and I think I would have it say, Run with Focus – Phil 3:14

  53. runwithfocus says:

    I liked road ID on facebook

  54. Nita Sweeney says:

    I just followed @roadid on Twitter!

  55. Nita Sweeney says:

    I just liked "Road ID" on FB!

    (p.s. I'm writenownetwork on Twitter – should have posted that in my previous comment about following Road ID on Twitter. Sigh.)

  56. Nita Sweeney says:

    I'd LOVE a Wrist ID elite in red and I'd put the following, "I do run like an animal! A penguin!"

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