I’m back home from a whirlwind weekend in San Antonio at the Rock n Roll Expo and Half Marathon.
Rock N Roll San Antonio 1
My heart is full, my legs are tired, and it is back to all things mommyhood. Our elf on the shelf did not move last night, I’m blaming that on my tired legs and the rush to the airport. Our elf is extra special {or so my kids believe} because she {we have a girl this year because I lost the boy from last year #momfail} moves whenever she feels like moving. Read: she moves during the day when I remember and not always at night, when I forget.


Dishes and laundry oh my. I really do not understand how our little family of five makes SO MUCH laundry, but it is what it is.

A race weekend recap will follow, I’m trying to be better about those things, because some of you enjoy reading them :)

Mile Posts on instagram hit 10K in followers and the hashtag #irunthisbody hit 20K. It was really fun {only someone who does way too much social media would say this} watching the numbers hit those mile posts this weekend. As usual, I’m feeling grateful for all the people I know and don’t know who have helped me along the way believe in my dreams, big and small.

The whole weekend still seems surreal to me. I stayed at the expo after my clinic and listened to John Bingham’s last clinic before he retires. I felt myself getting teary eyed thinking about how many people he has helped to encourage over the years. To see my name on the expo clinic schedule with him, is and was beyond my wildest dreams. A HUGE thank you to Competitor and Mazda for asking me to be a part of the Game Changer program this year, both companies have helped me grow as a person and a runner. Cheesy but true.

Rock N Roll San Antonio 3

Jim Ryun, Frank Shorter and John Bingham

I’ve been running marathons for 11 years, but at some point that doesn’t seem all that far off to me, I wasn’t a runner.

Rock N Roll San Antonio 2

You never know when you will find your passion in life. If you haven’t found yours, keep searching, it’s out there.


As a thank you — all #irunthisbody shirt and bracelet orders are 10% off today with coupon code 10K. www.dreambigrunlong.com


As John says….

The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.


  1. john bingham is so great.

  2. wow you’ve done so well! you deserve a break.

  3. Can’t wait to read your #rnrsa recap! :)

    Well my first Marathon didn’t go as planned…I wanted to finish in the 4:30-4:45 time range but took way longer. Lots of things went wrong from the very beginning and had to walk the last 7 miles but that’s ok I’m just glad I finished.

  4. It was rewarding seeing my husband and kiddos at the finish line, they were obviously very proud of me, almost as if i had won the race.haha!
    I will be signing up for my 2nd one as soon as my knee gets better!!!

    Ps- keep inspiring :)

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