I have been on the hunt for more friends for years. I had friends but was focused on finding more. I wanted best friends. I wanted girls who I meant the world to.

What I was searching for I already had. I was blind to see.

I have some of the GREATEST friends in the world, the type of friends (in the wise words of my friend Claire) that people don’t even believe exist.

I get by with A LOT of help from my friends. I love them.

A heartfelt thank you for one of the greatest marathon gifts ever. It brings tears to my eyes to know how much I am loved. God has blessed me.

May this shoe tag remind you during the race to stay strong and keep pushing! Love All the Girls! (remove tape and wear on shoe like d-tag)

Romans 8:18 I consider that our present SUFFERINGS are not worth comparing with the GLORY that will be revealed in us.


  1. undeterrable says:

    That is awesome :) What a good idea!

  2. oooh, that's a great idea!

  3. Such a great verse/promise. :) Good luck!!

  4. You have some awesome friends!! What a wonderful idea with the shoe tag :)

  5. SOOOO special :-)

  6. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says:


  7. Nicole Wagner Makeup says:

    Good friends can be such a blessing. I can relate. i've been looking for good friends too…I mean I have some…but more and some that I can relate to with all this running stuff. My passion. my heart. I have found some great ones through blogs and it really does just bring so much light into my life. so happy for you. good luck this weekend. If YOU believe in YOU, the rest will follow. deep down you KNOW you can do this! enjoy that peaceful feeling. and race your heart out!!! xxx

  8. You are a lucky girl!!

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