My husband never understands why I try to combine marathons with family trips. Truth of the matter is that I would prefer to travel to all my marathons alone and have some relaxing time away. [Yes I think a marathon is relaxing and my idea of the perfect solo vacation]. Seeing as that Columbus Marathon was my 4th marathon of the year, I knew my husband would be more inclined to agree to me running it, if I had other GREAT reasons why I wanted to do it.

A year ago my best friend Ashley moved to Columbus. She happens to be my moms best friend too. Half way between both our ages, she gets along great with both of us. I do not think of her as my moms friend who happens to like me too, she is my best friend, yet also my moms best friend. She is the godmother of my daughter and if there is anyone I want to be like, it’s her. She is smart, funny, talented, beautiful, caring, nice – need I go on?

The wonderful thing about our friendship is there is not once ounce of jealously. Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about. All of us have friends, that we love, but we think to ourselves, goodness I wish my thighs were as skinny as hers[okay that’s just me – clearly I’m insecure about my thighs], or I wish I was as fast as her, or as talented as her. It’s not jealously in a mean sense, but you just wish you had what she had too. It’s not that way with Ashley. I love everything about her. Maybe it’s because we have never had a fight[to my recollection anyways]. We have never exchanged harsh words. I don’t know. I just love this woman with all of my being and feel so grateful to God that she is in my life. It’s not that I don’t wish I had her thighs, I’m just happy she is the way she is and would never think I wish I had the same as her, because I technically already do since she is like a sister to me. Does this make sense? I guess it’s hard to put into words.

They are beautiful to me

I miss her. I didn’t realize how much I missed her till I saw her.

I love them more than life itself

Not only does Ashley live in Columbus but she lives ON COURSE. The water stop around mile 19 was across from her children’s school, which is a couple of block walk from her house. I mean I was supposed to run this marathon when I found that out!

Today I find myself still over the moon about my 3:13 but a little piece, okay big piece of my heart feels empty. I miss her more than I can explain. I’m already scheming about how I can get back to Columbus next year for the marathon and hopefully sooner as well.

The cheering crew – they are all my family!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Columbus so much. It really is a beautiful course. :)

  2. Amanda@runninghood says:

    Are you stringing us along or have you posted a marathon race report and I missed it??! ha ha. I couldn't seem to find it but that was with three kids yelling "mom, mom, mom". But I do already know your time through word of mouth so I've been on secondary/virtual marathon cloud nine the past few days just thinking about you. So glad you got to make this a family time too.

  3. mickiruns says:

    Loving how real this post is. IT truly is hard to put into words, the amount of love we have towards friends. Its truly a yearning in your heart. Hopefully you can get back out there soon, lady!

  4. You bring tears to my eyes, my dearest friend. Thank you for this. You mean the world to me!!! It was so great having you, Eric and the babies make the drive out. I know the marathon was only a bonus. :0)

  5. What a great cheering squad you have!! I have been meaning to congratulate you on an AMAZING race!! I must admit I was not surprised when I saw your time on Twitter. You were ready. You had trained hard and you were focused. In one of your recent posts you said that you were your biggest cheerleader- who else was going to make you finish it out the last few miles. This statement really stood out to me and I will be thinking of that during my upcoming Half next weekend.

    Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to a detailed race report!

    Ok, I do have a few random racing questions if you ever have time to address any of these on your blog. I am fairly new to long distance racing. (Most of my competitive running career has been 5K's and below.)
    1. What was your food (Gu, gel) strategy? How often do you eat? If you don't mind me asking- how often do you eat for Half's?
    2. Thoughts on listening to music… From your blog posts this year it seems like you have gone back and forth on this one… Did you listen to music in Columbus?
    3. What was your pacing strategy?

    Thanks!! Congratulations again!

  6. Back when I was running a lot and racing, I wanted to do this. I wanted my boyfriend and I to travel to the races. I was going to run the Vegas Half and we were going to make a vacation around it (then I got injured and didn't race). But it's a great idea!

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