I am sure at some point or another you have thought to yourself that running is hard. It is often discouraging to newer runners who think that running is extraordinarily hard for them. I promise you even seasoned runners repeatedly tell themselves this same thing.

Love this guy

Do not be discouraged by how hard running is. The beauty in the run is that hard runs make you stronger. When you get stronger you have less hard runs, but they will still exist. Nothing worth it was ever easy – right?

Plain and simple running is hard, not just for you, but for everyone. Take it one step, one mile at a time and you will soon find you can do things you never thought possible.

At the beginning of the summer, I was scared for my training. I had no idea how I was going to train with three children. Yes I had three children when I trained for National, Boston and Potomac River Run Marathons, but one was in school and one was a newborn who slept a lot. How would I train with all three at home? I tried not to stress, I knew it would work out and I would adapt.

I often get asked when I run. When I run changes from week to week, month to month. I have taken a NO EXCUSES attitude with my running. I do what I have to do. Just when I figure out a schedule that works, something changes. I have to adapt.

I was again worried how I would fit running in with the start of school. Chloe is in 5 day a week school – she is gone 8+ hours a day. Miles has preschool 2 days a week for 3 hours and I do a Bible study for a couple of hours one morning. When was running going to fit in between taking care of my kids?

I run whenever I can. I wear my running clothes around for most of the day – so I can run when I get the chance. I keep the stroller in the car, so if I need to run at any given time I can.

Making it work has given me strength. When I feel weak I think about how I have trained this summer. I think about how I am making it work now. It’s hard for me but I do it.

Beautiful sky at the start of our run!

Knowing this gives me peace. With Columbus Marathon in a little over 3 weeks I know I have trained my heart out for a sub 3:20. If I get it – AWESOME. If I don’t, I plan to reflect on some of my stroller PR’s and be happy! I’ve accomplished more than I even thought possible.

Baby C and I are happy after 11 miles together!

Last Thursday I was tired – as in couldn’t keep my eyes open. I decided it was just the day to attempt another stroller PR. Tell TIRED WHO IS BOSS. I pushed Colton 11 miles for a new single stroller distance PR. TAKE THAT TIRED. The icing on the cake was seeing that my overall pace was sub 8 for those miles. My mind could not wrap itself around it.

Monday I had both boys with me on my run. The temperature was cool and so I figured I’d go for it again. My previous distance PR with the double had been 8 miles from 2009. I was ready to put a 2011 PR up on my blog. I ran 10 miles pushing both boys.

How does my body do this?

Find the courage in your body. Silence the self doubts. Believe you are worth it. Running will not be easy, but it will be more enjoyable. Find happiness in the small pr’s, the things you do on every day runs. Chasing race pr’s is fun, but remember why you started running in the first place.

Running is a gift, not a chore. You get to run, you don’t HAVE to run.


  1. Find happiness in the small pr's, the things you do on every day runs. Chasing race pr's is fun, but remember why you started running in the first place.

    Words I needed to hear and need to take to heart. Race PRs seem far off right now – but I need to focus on the little things instead! Thanks for the inspiration as I head off to Akron for my second half marathon in 7 days…in and of itself a PR :).

  2. I signed up for the Columbus marathon, but got strep throat and bronchitis that knocked me on my butt for almost a month! I had to sell my bib! But my best friend and her husband are running it! She's pacing for a 3:25 and he's pacing for a 2:35 (speeeeeeeeedy!)

    You are going to do great and are such an inspiration! Now that you're running it..I wish I was too! I'd love to meet you! God bless!

  3. gwenniepie.com says:

    BEAUTIFULY put Mama. You are amazing and inspiring AND motvational! I love your thoughts, "Find the courage in your body. Silence the self doubts. Believe you are worth it." Such a valuable reminder for running and life in general! xo

  4. Amanda@runninghood says:

    I just love you Dorothy…well in an "I don't know you sort of way"…ha ha. YOu are beautiful in this picture. Wish you were closer…we could do these runs together! I have been using the jogger stroller a lot lately with my oldest in school and my middle kid in preschool…my youngest (2 year) and I have been enjoying our time together. Last week we went on 9 miles…it actually turned out to be a fun excursion for him since we passed so many machines and construction zones. :) Yesterday we did 5.5 with 3 at tempo and our last mile was 7:02…I was happy with that considering he weights a good 30 plus pounds! :) Yay for making our life work and training hard anyway. Thinking of you and your sub 3:20 goal. I hope to get that at Boston. Maybe my 3:15. We shall see. Can't wait to see how you do! Enjoy those sweet babies today Dorothy!

  5. Amen.
    I love it.

    Love the photo too.
    Too. Cute.

  6. Suz and Allan says:

    Wonderful post!

  7. {will run for margaritas} says:

    Love this post. Love you. and Love Baby C! He is such a cutie! You are going to rock Columbus!! xo

    PS – where is your shirt from? :)

  8. I love this post. I need this post. lol. you are an inspiration and that adorable baby pic does not hurt eitehr. soo cute :)

  9. I just love reading what you write! It encourages me to challenge myself when I am tired, when I am feeling slow, etc. How many days a week do you run? Do you do any other training? Your pure strength is amazing so was just curious!!

  10. LOVE that picture of you and baby C! SUCH a cutie! And I can't tell you enough how much of an inspiration you are (even to those of us who DON'T have kids!). You rock! :)

  11. Haha, what an awesome photo of you and baby C!

    Girl, I'll never get tired of saying this. Your blog is so real, and that's what inspires me. Reading this is giving me the extra push to get out there today.

    Between the waves of nausea and general discomfort, I need to focus on getting the run in. I know I'll feel better, it's good for me and my baby, and my daughter LOVES going 'out fo a wun!!"

    I can't wait to see how you do in c-bus. I grew up an hour from there – enjoy it!

    – natalie.

  12. Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    Wonderful, wonderful post!! Our bodies are capable of SO much – that's how God made them! Extraordinary when you think about it really. I push a double stroller now and HATE running with it…only ever run 6 miles with it.

  13. great post! gave me a smile today!!

  14. Candice @ I Have Run says:

    I had a "Running is Hard" post too. And it is. Especially with a jogger. I've been there, done that. You are a rockstar. I can't even imagine running that pace with the jogger!

  15. brilliant post, very motivational & the pic with baby C is radiant, love it :-)

  16. SupermomE12 says:

    Baby C is SO BEAUTIFUL! What a sweet heart. :)

    And of course, you are amazing as always!!!!

  17. Kristin Miller says:

    Thanks for this post and your previous post. I've had the roughest week of my life with work and stress, and the devotional is just what I needed (And the adidas capris I ordered to bump me up to free shipping!).

  18. Wow, you amaze and inspire me!! I've been pretty down lately because running with my BOB and my lil bean has not been easy and she is only 6 months! But reading this gives me a boost and motivation to keep running with the stroller. I just need to remind myself "You’re getting stronger!!" Thank you for this post. Baby C is adorable and the pic of you and him is too cute.

  19. Rebecca Samson says:

    Love the picture of you and Colton!!

  20. Run with Jess says:

    You & baby are so cute!! I love running with my babies… although they're now 3 and 5 so they're a bit heavier to push. When I first started stroller running, it was so hard. I'm mush stronger now, but it's still a different kind of run than others.

  21. So awesome. :)

  22. I feel like I need to update you – thanks to your wise words, I ran my best (mental) race today! My time wasn't even close to a PR, but I don't care. It might be the happiest I've been after a half marathon – except for my current PR race. So THANK YOU – you may have helped me get out of my running slump and negative attitude.

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