Colton turned 4 on Sunday. I’m not sure where four years have gone. It seems like it’s been an eternity since he was born, but at the same time, just yesterday. It’s something I’m convinced only a parent can understand.

Colton 2
Colton 3

Colton 1

He is my last baby, so at 4 he still seems like a baby to me even though he is almost as big as his 6 year old brother. They no longer wear different clothing, it’s all the same and gets put together in one pile.
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I could gush on and on about him. Every day of my life is better because he is in it. Being a mom is beyond rewarding to me. My kids make me crazy on a daily basis, and I look forward to every time I get to be away from them for a little bit, but it takes about 12 hours before I wish I was back home with them. This weekend Eric and I will be in Vegas, and even though I know I will love it there, part of me will be wishing I was back at home snuggled in bed with my kids.


One of the many things that Colton teaches me on a daily basis is to be enamoured with life. He teaches me to look at something in a completely different way and admire how beautiful things are, even if that something is a rock or a leaf.


He goes to pre-school four times a week and I look forward to dropping him off each morning so I can have a few hours to myself, but I’m almost always the first mom in the pre-school line waiting to pick him up, because I’m excited to see him. Distance makes my heart grow fonder every day. I never understood how a parent could tell their child, I love you more today more than yesterday, as if love could intensify like that. It can and it does, trust me.


I’m a Christian, so I do a decent amount of praying. God answers some of my prayers and completely ignores others. All three of my children were surprises and they prove to me every single day that God has WAY better plans for my life than I do.

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Running Rock N Roll Las Vegas this weekend? I’ll be at the Mazda booth at the expo on Friday 1pm – 3:45pm and Saturday 1pm – 3:15pm – come say hi!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Colton! I know exactly how you feel – being a mom is the best, most rewarding, beautiful thing I’ve ever done in my life. Couldn’t be more thankful to know love like that! xo

  2. I love the similarities in our families! Cooper {our “baby”} turned six on the 1st and is the same size as his big brother- interchanging clothes and everything! And I feel the same about time away from the kids… need it mentally sometimes and then can’t wait to get back to them and the chaos. :) Cooper got the exact same Transformer, too! It’s huge!

  3. Awe .. happy birthday Colton! My “baby” (youngest of 4) will be turning 4 next month. I totally get it!

  4. Happy Birthday to your precious son! I have a little boy turning 4 in a few weeks. He is my one and only. Your post brought tears to my eyes! There is nothing like loving and being loved by a child.

  5. Happy birthday Colton. My boy Brock is 4 too. It is an awesome age. Stay enamored with life and alwasy hug and love your sweet mom!

  6. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing! I hope you guys enjoy Colton’sbig day.

  7. What a cute lil man!! It goes so fast doesn’t it? My baby will be 3 on Sunday. I’m in denial, and ready for another one. :)

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