Today is my grandfathers 80th birthday! So in order to help him celebrate Chloe, Miles and I went and got him some yummy cupcakes from Wholefoods to bring over as an after lunch treat. When we arrived at noon he wasn’t there!? He was not yet back from the gym – yes I said gym. On my grandfathers 80th birthday he went to the gym with my grandmother. Seriously I hope that when I am 80 years old I have taken care of my body enough that I can still run and go to the gym and I hope I care enough about my body that I still do so.

*sidenote* My great grandmother is still alive – she will be 101 this September! That means we have 5 generations in my family alive right now!!! Can’t beat that :0)

P.S. I am sad that I did not get to see Catherine racing on Sunday at Cherry Blossom. They changed the course and I personally don’t love it as much – there are no long side by side out and backs that give us mere mortals a glimpse of the great ones. I will however say I think it’s pretty cool that Bill Rodgers ran and he only finished about a minute ahead of me. I can literally say I was running close to a living legend!!

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