No just 2

Over the past 10 or so years, I’ve worked more race expos than I can count. There is one takeaway that comes from every single expo that continues to blow my mind. The word JUST. Me: What race distance are you running this weekend? Runner: Just the half marathon. I know it’s not the marathon, but it’s long for me, […]

Run Brag

Did you have an awesome run or race this weekend? Want to see your picture online on Women’s Running Magazine’s website?   Each week Women’s Running asks women from around the country to submit their RUN BRAG photos for a chance at being featured in their run brag gallery. This week was my first week […]

I Run This Body - Nicole

I’ve been a little bit giddy lately – from the Women’s Running Cover, to my Runner’s World twitter mention, to my I RUN THIS BODY shirts. 2012 really feels like ones of the most amazing, transforming years of my life. I want to make this moment last in my heart for as long as I can. […]

Womens Running - 1

Last Thursday I went to my mailbox and THIS happened…. Friday I was at Target in the book section and noticed they had magazines – why not check right? THIS happened….   Colton, Miles and I jumped up and down with excitement.   I am a person who is not usually at a loss for […]


Two weeks ago I was furiously packing my bags for the trip of a lifetime. Yet I still sit here unable to put into words how amazing the whirlwind weekend was. I find that writing a post makes things final and when it comes to recaps it means something is over. Admittedly I don’t want […]

Womens Running Announcement

It’s been 5 days since Women’s Running announced who won the cover model contest, yet despite my excitement I’ve had a hard time talking about it. I won. Two simple words but the two simple words that follow that statement  just don’t seem like enough. Thank you. Women’s Running chose the 8 finalists but you […]

Womens Running

Lately I find myself saying thank you to multiple people EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I feel like I have been crazy blessed in 2012 and have had so many fun and exciting things happen in my life. I don’t for one second think that any of these opportunities have come to me on my own. I don’t feel […]

June Workouts

51 miles last week in runs – only 16 of those miles were solo – all others were pushing a stroller. Instead of this making me feel sorry for myself that I have to push 100+ lbs of little people, it’s making me feel just a little bit bad a$$. I’ve got the motivation in […]

womens running finalist

I just found out I am one of 8 women who made it to the final round of the Women’s Running Magazine Cover Model contest!! I’m DREAMING as BIG as I can DREAM on this dream and would LOVE your vote to help me win! It only takes a moment. You don’t have to register […]