I’m a big fan of fitness DVD’s. For starters, they are less expensive than a gym membership. Secondly you can do them in the privacy of your own home. You can make all the mistakes you want, and not feel the same pressure you would in a classroom filled with other people who seem to […]

I’ve received a bunch of emails after my last couple of posts and an overarching theme with them seems to be related to social media. You don’t have to be blogger or someone who loves instagram, to like social media. Most of us are on it in some form, and while it can be positive and uplifting at […]

As I started to write out all the changes I’ve made, I realized just how many changes have happened. I didn’t do them all at once like I have in the past, I did them little by little. The changes have become part of my life, a habit if you will, that I no longer think […]

Not long after I found out I was pregnant with Colton I bought a necklace that had the words embrace change engraved on it. Colton was a baby surprise and while I was MORE than excited to bring another little person into our family it came as a bit of a shock. The words EMBRACE […]

I realize that there is a large number of people in this country that need to lose weight. I was one of those people. I wanted a quick fix and wanted to lose weight fast. What makes me mad about this and still does is the idea that you can lose weight in a healthy […]

There are many reasons why I would consider myself addicted to the sport of running. One of them is because my life was completely out of my control before I became a runner. I saw the life I wanted, I saw the person I wanted to be, but felt powerless to make the changes I […]

I live for Saturday afternoons. I love the sheer exhaustion that comes from Saturday morning long runs. I love the soreness I feel in my legs, my body – knowing I have pushed myself to the limit for that day. I do not enjoy rest days, but know they have their place. For one reason […]