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I firmly believe in my head and heart that I GET to run rather than HAVE to run, yet I often have to remind myself of this fact. Lately running has felt like something I have to do instead of something that I make time for because I enjoy it. At night I always go […]

April 1 - 2

April is my favorite month of the year. Its not too hot - not too cold – just riiiiiiight. The thought of April approaching in March makes my heart leap. April 1st is a very special day for me. It’s the birthday of my great grandmother who died of TB when my grandmother was very young, I […]

Another Mother Runner 2

I’m a big fan of the ladies at Another Mother Runner so I may have been a tiny bit giddy when they included me in their podcast round up post today! Thank you Sarah and Dimity!!!   Link to their blog post: {my little blurb is around 45 minutes in to the podcast} Link to […]

Target Run Fast Shirt

Chloe and I spotted this fun little shirt at Target today in the girls running section. I love it so much that there is running specific gear for little girls now. It was not so long ago that many did not consider running a sport or something that could possibly even warrant a section in a […]

March 1

In a world that doesn’t often make sense I’d like the weather to – I know – I know – there are bigger issues. It’s been REALLY nice all week and now we are supposed to see a 30 degree temperature drop in one day. I can’t handle this - please get it together mother nature – […]


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Valentine 1

Happy Valentines Day my friends!   Hope you have all enjoyed a nice day filled with lots of miles and smiles. My gift to myself today was 20 treadmill miles <3

Feb 1

The littles are home again, this time from an ice storm rather than a snow storm. I love how beautiful ice makes everything look, but it is really destructive. I swear I have spent a good portion of the winter outside trying to get snow and ice off the bending bushes in our backyard. I […]

Meghan Birthday 2

AM Workout: 3 treadmill miles 55 minutes of spin class strength Day 3 Food: Basmati Brown Rice Peach Jelly {organic with no fake sugars} Chicken Carrots Kale Brussels Sprouts Salad with chicken {middle of the night – I was out – better than the mozzarella sticks I would have been eating in my college days} […]

w od

This past weekend I FINALLY took my USATF Level 1 Certification test. I passed  with a 92% {80% is needed to pass the course} and I’m proud to say I am now a RRCA Certified Coach as well as USATF Level 1 Certified Coach! Below are my thoughts if you are thinking of taking the […]

Legs - Running

Five years ago I didn’t know there was such a thing as running blogs. I also didn’t know that people other than your friends and family would stumble upon your blog and start reading it. Call me naïve to the world wide web. In 2012 I started using instagram and loved finding new runners to […]

Trail Jan 2014

I find it hard to write a blog entry after I’ve taken a little break from writing out my thoughts online. So much to say – I don’t know where to begin or if what I have to say even really matters in the scheme of things. I’m not sure if it is because it’s […]

Aqua 1

I know a new year shouldn’t feel all that different but it does to me. I wrote out a long post yesterday, re-read it ten times and then decided to not publish it. I’m big on firsts and I wanted my first post of this year to be special to me. I’ve decided in 2014 […]


Today is the last day to place an order and have it arrive in time for Christmas. The USPS website says that the last day to ship a priority mail package and have it arrive is this Saturday 12/21/13. I have however noticed that some of the packages that have already gone out are taking […]

Run The Race Shirt

One of my favorite Christian t-shirt companies is having a crazy sale on their shirts right now. I know I’m not the only one who LOVES Hebrews 12:1-2 for running related reasons – so I thought I would share. For a limited time their shirts are buy one get one free - you can find the […]


Every December my motivation to train starts to dwindle….. The temperatures outside dip and the treadmill does not seem like a necessary evil just yet. After reading EMZ’s treadmill tips post {} - I decided that I had to mix up my treadmill runs to make them bearable and to find my treadmill mojo again. I wanted to […]

Mile Stones 1

Do you have a race bib that you love? Race bib coasters are a fun way to turn a memory into something you can use again! They are one of my favorite gifts for the runner in your life or a great gift to yourself. Allison – the fabulous runner behind Mile Stones took two bibs […]

Marathon Medal Holder 1

For the past ten years I’ve been adding my race medals to a bucket. Always on my to-do list was to purchase a medal holder but each and every time I went to look at the various different holders online – I either didn’t love them or didn’t want to fork over $50 for one. […]

Active Article - Final

Looking for tips on how to become a morning runner? Some of my tips are included in Sarah Wassner Flynn’s article for! Check it out below…. is on: Twitter - Mile Posts Blog is on: twitter – pinterest – facebook – instagram – Snail Mail – Dorothy […]


One of the many things I’m thankful for this year and every year is YOU. Thank you for coming back to this blog week after week and being a part of my life journey. Hope your holiday was filled with good runs and lots of laughter and hugs! xoxo Dorothy    

Vegas 2012 1

 As with any marathon, you know how to prepare better once you have actually completed the race. I’m 4 days out from running Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon for the 2nd time and completing my 26th marathon overall. These are my top 5 tips for making Vegas your best marathon yet! Don’t party too hard […]

To find more workout songs, you can check out the free database at  You can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era – to find the music that best fits with your workout! Lady GaGa & R. Kelly – Do What U Want  – 99 BPM Rihanna – What Now (Firebeatz […]


Celebrating this little guy’s 3rd birthday!   I’m fairly certain that for the rest of my life – three times a year - I will ask myself – how is my baby X years old? It seems like a lifetime ago that I brought a newborn baby home to my house, yet it seems like it […]

Dream big run long website

On November 20th, 2011. I registered the blog name  and the website URL and both have sat there since that day waiting for a big dream of mine to come true. As someone who used to work for and closely with Ellen and Elizabeth the founders of Moving Comfort – I have been inspired […]

Lagos - Enso 5

As it turns out returning to normalcy after being in paradise is much harder than I thought. That or the two 19 hour travel days still have me a bit thrown off {wink} so thank you for your patience!! The WINNER is……Janice Please email me at to claim your prize. Thank you to […]


On the outside it appears as if I have it together or maybe it doesn’t and I’m fooling myself in to thinking it appears that way. Today I do not have it together. I have a very bad habit of looking at the BIG picture and feeling overwhelmed. The BIG picture could apply to something […]


Let me preface this little post with a disclaimer that all of my Kona posts are going to be in no particular order that makes any sense. I left Kona so crazy inspired by a sport that I literally KNEW NOTHING about two weeks ago. I’m posting posts, as I feel like it and as […]

Kona 1

After 18+ hours of traveling yesterday I FINALLY made it to Kona. The open air airport welcomed me to the land of paradise. Danica and the crew picked Amanda and I up from the airport and we headed straight to dinner at Kona Brewing Company. A gluten free beer and salad was EXACTLY what I […]


To find more workout songs, you can check out the free database at  You can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era – to find the music that best fits with your workout! Looking for some music to add to your workout playlist? Check out Run Hundred for their October List. Robin Thicke & […]

Boston Treadmill 4

In my head there is a marathon battle that ensues every single training season. The logical side of me tells me that I NEED a break from marathons and maybe I would be happier if I dropped down to a shorter distance and trained to try and run faster. I reason that maybe even one season […]