Are you a twitter newbie and looking for fun, informative, or inspirational runners to follow? From authors, to pro-runners, editors of Runners World, to Olympians – this list of 26.2 runners is sure to ROCK your twitter stream.   Mile 1: @runmeb – Christian, Proud father of three girls, 2 time Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist & 2009 […]

It is no little surprise that I was stressed about this weekend. I kept saying that I would be happy come Sunday night when it was all over. The weekend I dreaded turned out to be amazing for so many reasons. Besides the race being a success, I got to hang out with girls I […]

It is FINALLY here. Hood To Coast with nuun! 3 more days till my flight departs Virginia for Seattle. I can not believe first that I even made this team[if you want to read my creative application CLICK HERE]. Second I can not believe the whole summer has flown by and it is already time […]

First, I almost forgot to mention that if you live in the DC Metro Area pick up a copy of the Washington Running Report! My first *published* article is in the May/June issue of the magazine, a book review on Run Like a Mother!! I’ve been a reader of this print magazine since I started […]