I had planned to wake up early Sunday to do an easy recovery run, but with no one to meet me I didn’t feel accountable to waking up early. The kids slept in and so did I. 7:45 wake up call was NICE compared to my normal wake up time of 5:45 or earlier. Eric […]

My mommy is in town so yesterday we went on a stroller run together. I debated asking her to push the single, while I pushed the double, but decided I hadn’t run with the triple in awhile so why not get a killer workout in. Killer it was. I seriously have forgotten how hard it […]

I’m a bit over the moon about being featured today on Another Mother Runner!!! http://anothermotherrunner.com/2011/12/18/why-i-run-dorothy-beal/ I am even more excited though that I learned that they included me in their next book Train Like A Mother in their section on Stroller Running. You guys know how much I LOVE stroller running – right? Well I didn’t use […]

I’ll start this post off with some things I am very thankful for:– I have three wonderful, healthy, beautiful children– I have strong legs that help me push these children for miles– I am capable of running– I am not injured and am healthy– I am loved by Christ, despite my flaws With that said….I’m […]

Let me fill you in on a little secret. Every single day of my life I doubt my abilities. It may seem that I have a huge amount of self confidence, but I don’t. I would like to think that I am like most women, there are days I think to myself, Hey Dorothy you […]

Recently someone remarked that I have very patient kids in order to run so many miles with them. I had to laugh a little. Patient and my children are not two things that I ever think of together. Maybe their lack of patience comes…ahem…ahem…from their mom…. You may wonder then how on earth I can […]

The freedom a triple stroller has given me is a blessing. It is amazing to have the option of running whenever I want. My head is trying to look at the workout it gives me as a blessing [in disguise]. These runs are the hardest workouts I do each week.I want to get back to […]

Thursday I wanted to run. The kids slept in, so I slept in. The heat and humidity seemed to rise with every passing moment. I would run later in the day I reasoned. When my husband came home I told him I wanted to run, if not now then later, but I wanted to run. I wanted […]