It’s that time of year for many of us when the temperatures dip below freezing and we find ourselves questioning either our sanity or our motivation. Those of us who don’t like the cold, but still want to train all winter will most likely head to the treadmill. I’ve run 30 miles on a treadmill […]

Treadmill Ultra 3

Two weekends ago I was supposed to run 20 miles on Saturday and race a 5K Sunday. The run didn’t happen on Saturday. I didn’t run when I first woke up and I kept putting it off. Then I came up with a million and one reasons why it was everyone’s fault but my own as to […]

jan 28 3

Choppy post. Writing thoughts as they come. Training is back in full effect. I say training because I think there is a difference between running and working out to be healthy and the things you do and do not do while *training* for a marathon or other big race. Last post was last Wednesday. Sometimes […]

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One of the things I think about when I take time off from writing here….is that I have more time to actually RUN and do the things I talk about, rather than just talk about them. I think at the beginning of every month and certainly every year it is good to analyze your priorities. […]

Spending time with my family

I’ve been doing more doing this week instead of writing about what I do. I’ve found a way to fit in a little bit of reading each day and still manage to run and keep the house semi clean. Colton is at a fun age – walking everywhere and getting in to trouble every five minutes. I love when […]

Treadmill Run 1-21-12

I asked myself this not two hours ago while running my longest long run this year on the treadmill. Ice and freezing temperatures outside meant that I would be doing my first super long run on the treadmill. To say I wasn’t looking forward to it was an understatement. I don’t make excuses so I […]

My treadmill is in my bedroom, literally 2 feet from my bed. It faces the TV and my favorite corner of the house. I am thankful that instead of putting the treadmill in our unfinished basement we put it in my bedroom. I like looking at things that make me happy. The treadmill reminds me […]

I often hear people say they incline their treadmill at least 1% if not more when running indoors.  Does this sound like you?  They quote that the reason they do this is because if the treadmill is not inclined then it is not like running outside.  In my opinion this is one of those ‘running myths’ […]

Two months ago today I read a blog posting by TMB at Racing With Babes titled, i am a treadmill slacker. I immediately thought to myself before even reading her post.  A treadmill slacker? Not me. No way.  I work harder than anyone I know, on the treadmill [an irrational self centered thought – but hey I’m being […]

Last week was a great week for me running wise.  I was able to fit in 40 miles for the first time since Baby C was born 11 weeks ago.  I accomplished this with 5 days of running, ensuring that I had my 2 rest days for adaptation and recovery.  I had an awesome tempo early in the […]

WIN. Today is my husbands 30th birthday.  I figured it was a nice gesture to let him sleep in rather than getting up super early so I can go run [if sleeping in is even possible with three kids under 5 in the house?].  This meant I needed to do my long run of 14 miles Friday. I’d […]

I’ve been struggling with the treadmill lately. Many a time I’ve described my love/hate relationship with the treadmill. I hate to love it, love to hate it. With out it I would not have been able to train for the B & A Marathon, with out it I would not have pr’ed, with out it […]

I was again worried about the road conditions this weekend – I needed to do 20 miles. I also was sort of being a wimp and just didn’t feel like being cold for 3 hours or so. I headed to the treadmill Thursday for my 2nd 20 miler on it. This time I knew I […]

I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart when the Black Eyed Peas song Let’s Get It Started was played at Amy’s wedding. The song was for me[it wasn't]. I danced and jumped around. The lyrics aren’t particulary amazing but I’ll tell you I belted out the […]

It’s a constant battle between my mind and my fitness. I’m constantly feeling out of shape and under prepared for races. This morning while lamenting to my mom about runs that have been less than great, she reminded me the runs are not the race. It’s easy to have lots of less than great runs […]

It’s mile 22 Dorothy – you have four to go – this is how your legs feel at the end of a marathon. DEAD. You must push on. Push through the pain. Manage the pain. Make your body do what your mind wants it to. *Snow* *Snow* and more *Snow* If you live on the […]

My reset run[on the mill]yesterday was only 6 miles, but they were the fastest 6 miles I have run on the mill in recent days. I literally pictured myself running away from the person I don’t want to be and running towards the person I have so hard fought to become. I felt renewed after […]

How do I run so long on the treadmill? I really, really pondered this one Monday as I ran my 10 miles. I don’t love the treadmill, I don’t even really like running on a treadmill, but given the alternative of no running I’ll gladly take it. In the physical sense of being able to […]

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 2010 will be run on my birthday!! I wanted to remind anyone interested that the lottery process begins today at 10am. Click here to access their website. Another reminder that the Why You Run Contest ends today!! Leave a comment and be follower of my blog before midnight tonight to be […]