Boston 2014 2

My sincere apologies for taking so long to pick a cadet and for the delay in getting this post up. I wanted to read through every single comment and really think about who I was picking for this adventure. There were so many amazing stories and I have a list a page long of women […]

518 My first marathon - MCM '03

Reading through the entries for the Saucony 26Strong marathon team has been amazing. Literally, I wish I could pick all of you, or have a blog post monthly where you all shared these types of stories – it’s so motivating and inspiring to me. I don’t love the word INSPIRE as silly as that sounds. […]

First Race DTB

Are you a female who has never run a marathon before and wants to? Is 26.2 your DREAM distance and 2014 is the year that you are going to tackle it? Saucony and Competitor Magazine are putting together a 2014 Team for their 26Strong Program. The team will be comprised of 13 coaches {I’m one of them!!} […]

Last Chance Arm Warmers

Saucony has a great sale section on their website called LAST CHANCE. My favorite lightweight pink arm warmers are in this section as well as some of my favorite running shoes – Kinvara, Kinvara Trail, Ride and Type A5. Check it out if you are in need of some new gear or shoes and don’t want to […]

Saucony Travel Tips

Wanted to share my recent blog post from the Saucony blog!! I’d also love to hear some of your tips for traveling and running!     Saturday I ran 12 miles before the winter storm hit us on Sunday. I don’t know about you but I find winter to be the most challenging season […]

Kinvara Kids 7

The Kinvara is my go to running shoe. Yes, I often rotate among various {mostly neutral} Saucony running shoes but the Kinvara’s make their way to my feet the most often. Finding out their was a children version of the Kinvara made me way too happy. As soon as Chloe outgrows her current running shoes, […]

Saucony Kids 2

It’s only natural that my kids are starting to take an interest in running. They see me run weekly, have gone on countless stroller runs, and cheer me on at races. Monkey see, monkey do as the phrase goes. I absolutely love that they are taking an interest in being athletic at such an young […]

Saucony - Lace Up

In an effort to inspire runners to honor and support the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, Saucony has created the #BostonStrong Lace Medallion to be offered as a fundraiser for The One Fund Boston. The two-sided medallion features the viral hashtag and unity motto #BostonStrong on […]

Dorothy Beal - Saucony

My alarm went off before 4 am this morning. Hit snooze twice. Told myself I would run later. Admittedly I stayed up later than planned reading Endurance. I snuggled up to my husband and he nicely asked me if I was going to run. I said no I’d run later. He said there was no […]

Saucony Burn Out LS 2

Just as I thought the mornings were getting cooler the weather threw me a curve ball this morning with its high temperatures and muggy humidity. My speedy running friend and I agreed the weather was miserable but decided we probably should not complain about it because in a few short months our runs will be filled […]


My early morning runs under the stars have been reminding me that fall is just around the corner. It is cooler in the mornings than when I was running with the stroller so it’s given me a chance to test of some of the new gear from Saucony’s Fall 2012 line. One of my instant […]

Sparkly Soul

You ask – I answer. What headband are you wearing in the Saucony Find Your Strong Pictures? The headband is from a company called Sparkly Soul. The company was started by two sisters who were sick of trying non-slip headbands and not having them work, so they created their own. I love them like NO […]

National Running Day

This picture is too awesome not to share! If you love it too you can visit the Saucony facebook page and hit the share button. Tell us, how did you celebrate National Running Day? I celebrated this morning by pushing both boys for 6 miles in the double stroller – 48:56 with an average of 8:08 Mile […]


Saucony just released the next video in the Find Your Strong Project series. Mark Herzlich’s video is too awesome not to share! I had the honor of hearing him speak at the Find Your Strong Party before the Boston Marathon. His story is touching. What I loved most about what he said was that the […]

The Running Lab

Boston Marathon weekend was certainly a whirlwind. The race didn’t turn out as I had wanted, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t one of the best weekends of my life. My happiness that weekend was NOT tied to a number on the clock. One of the many fun things I got to do while […]

Saucony - True Love 1

I’m glad so many of you wanted to give the Guide 5 a try! It recently won Runner’s World Editor’s Choice Award. I’ve been told it is a much nicer, smoother ride than it’s predecessor. [Disclaimer: I'm neutral so I don't run in the Guide - but do have a pair I enjoy walking around in] […]

Boston Marathon Expo

I’m excited to share my video!! Dream Big my friends DREAM BIG.  

Guide 5

Today I am 30. Today I am {still} a little kid. I love birthday’s. In celebration of my birthday I wanted to do something BIG. Saucony agreed to help me celebrate by giving YOU the chance to win a FREE pair of running shoes. Tis better to give than recieve. As I say those words I hear […]

Cover Photo

It’s no secret that I love Sparkly Soul Headbands – they are one of the ONLY companies who make headbands that actually do not slip off my head. What’s the secret? Unlike other headbands that use elastic at the bottom part of the band to make it fit around your head, these bands use the […]


From now until April 10th [the day before I turn 30 in case you were counting like me] you can upload a picture of your STRONG FACE for a chance to win a pair of Guide 5’s.   Want to know what the FIND YOUR STRONG PROJECT IS? Check out the first in a series of […]

Heart Saucony

I never really gave you the *details* on my filming post. So here goes….. Saucony has this ad campaign and it’s called FIND YOUR STRONG. I’m sort of in love with it. I’m a big marketing geek and love ad campaigns – as a teen I covered my walls in magazine ads because yes I love a good […]

Find Your Strong Party 2

Do you live in Boston? Running the Boston Marathon? Free Friday April 13th to enjoy wine and the company of fellow runners? Saucony has put together an all-star running event scheduled for Friday April 13th in Boston and YOU ARE INVITED! By now I am sure most of you have heard the sad news about […]

At the start line of B & A Marathon

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect black capri. You would have thought by now I would have found one that I was in love with but I hadn’t. There were plenty I liked – some I liked A LOT others I liked a LITTLE. Some I would even go so far as to say […]

Mile 26

Saturday I woke up and knew I needed to run 20 miles – my last long run before Boston. Twitter and facebook haunted me as countless runners posted pictures and comments of how great their final long run went. It didn’t motivate me. It made me frustrated. I didn’t want to run long. I was […]

Find Your Strong 7

It will probably be the only time in my life I can say this so I am going to use this line for all it’s worth for the next week or so. I’ve been MIA from Mile Posts for the past 5 days because I have been in NYC filming something fun with Saucony. About […]

Kinvara 3 - 4

I was taught from a very young age that you should stand up for what you believe in. That you should always be respectful, but that being respectful does not mean that you have to agree with everyone you meet. This morning I stood up for something I believed in – my opinion. Some of […]


Last night I checked my phone one last time before it was time to put the little people to bed and saw this tweet from Saucony. Immediately I went to their facebook page and literally jumped out of my skin. Chloe and I made their photo collage celebrating 100K facebook fans. I figured it was […]

Saucony Beanie

The winter gear from Saucony just went on sale – for 3 days only it’s available to *those in the know* – then they will open it up to everyone!!! Get awesome deals on winter gear while you can and stock up for next winter! One of the many ways I save money when it […]


Name: Rachel Taylor Age: 27 Twitter: @RachyT How long have you been running: 5 years Favorite race distance and why: The marathon. I love everything about it. I love my long runs during training. Sometimes I’ll just get lost in the moment, and the next thing I know I’ve ran 10 miles without even realizing. I […]

August 2011 056

Introducing the Saucony Shadow Genesis….. I’ve been running in this gem of a shoe for months now, alternating it between my Kinvara’s. If you asked me 6 months ago if I believed you could buy an $80 running shoe and have it be a GOOD shoe I would have told you no way. [Insert foot […]