It was mile 5 and I wanted to quit. The sun was blazing, the air was heavy; remind me why I do this again? I started to debate how I could walk off course and then make my way back to the start/finish line. If I had let my body quit that day, the adventure of […]

Someone once told me that hope was a fruitless emotion. That the nature of hope implies waiting for something to come your way or for something to happen but to not work for it. I disagreed on many levels but it wasn’t until today that I fully grasped why hope has been so important in […]

December is a great month to contemplate what you want to achieve or work towards in the new year! If one of your goals is to get out there and run more often, new music can be just the motivation you need. I like to save songs I really enjoy for when I am out […]

Yesterday my training started for RNR DC! I had convinced myself that I wanted to stop running marathons all together for a couple of years but the truth is that was just the part of me that is really frustrated with the dizziness that has seemed to come and go over the past couple of […]

Last winter I convinced two friends {one who I would later learn couldn’t really swim – ooops – not to worry though there were divers so she was totally safe – that and she had her homemade noodle 😉} and my sister to join me one bright sunny day at Lake Anne to jump in […]

This week’s featured runner is one of my favorites – Lindsey Hein! She is a momma of three, podcast host extraordinaire, former Women’s Running Cover Model winner and a downright cool chick. Her and her husband are both runners and are raising three of the most adorable little boys {visit her instagram page for cuteness […]

Over the course of 13 years and 32 marathons I’ve heard some pretty hilarious marathon advice. When it’s your well-meaning uncle who calls a 5K a marathon and has never run farther than 2 miles in his life it’s easy to smile and ignore. But what about that advice from the guy from your running club who has […]

Hi friends! Today is the first of a series of posts that I’m launching on my blog called 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me! I’ll be bringing you random tidbits from runners you know and love and others that you might not have heard of. The first of the series is Hollie from the […]

I’m back home after what feels like a whirlwind weekend at Rock N Roll Las Vegas. It’s hard to believe this was my 5th year heading to Vegas for what has become one of my favorite race weekends all year! I headed to Vegas solo on Friday and arrived mid-morning. I enjoyed getting to Vegas […]

They say time flies when you are having fun……so my life must be a blast 😉 This blog started as a place for me to talk about running without annoying all the non-runners in my life. Over the years it’s morphed in to a lot more than that. One of the things I’m grateful for […]

I had every intention of posting this yesterday on TUESDAY but life got in the way. I could wait till next Tuesday but tacos are always on my mind! If you live near Leesburg and like tacos as much as I do – you should check out Senor Ramon Taqueria! When we moved to Leesburg a […]

Marine Corps Marathon is 5 days away. Ensue freak out. My anxiety has been at an all time high lately. I’m doing more than I ever have and while juggling all the different balls works most days, some days it doesn’t. Last Thursday I ran my last progression run before the race and got dizzy […]