If you missed part one of my treadmill thoughts you can find that post HERE I’ve owned a treadmill for around 7 years. We purchased it used from my brother-in-law. It hands down was one of the best purchases we made and at the time, one of the priciest. As a mom to three little people I […]

Hi friends! I’m back from a whirlwind weekend in Tennessee where I ran 3 times in 26 hours and made new friends in the process {the very BEST part of relays}.   When in Nashville?!? 😜 #patt #honkytonk #countrygirl #ragnartn A post shared by Dorothy Beal | #irunthisbody (@mileposts) on Mar 25, 2017 at 9:02pm […]

A couple of weeks ago I went to test out new treadmills!!   Went to @sears last night to test out @nordictrack treadmills! I purchased my treadmill used in 2010 and it’s seen it’s fair share of miles since then – including that time I ran 30 miles on it *for fun* 🤷🏻‍♀️😜 A lot […]

I’m a huge fan of collaborations and the New Balance x J Crew is no exception. I need new running clothes like I need a hole in my head – read: I don’t need anything. So I will share with you all in case you need cute new gear – that a lot of the […]

Rock N Roll DC is a week away {March 11th} and the National Cherry Blossom Festival just released the peak dates for the cherry blossoms in DC! The two are almost going to coincide…..meaning that if you have been wanting to see the cherry blossoms in DC – didn’t get in to the Cherry Blossom […]

PowerBar is offering athletes who didn’t get in to the NYC Marathon 2017 a chance to run the race this fall!! “Last year, 80K runners entered the TCS NYC Marathon 2016 lottery, but only 20K were selected for the race. This year, PowerBar wants to offer those who find themselves unlucky after the lottery drawing […]

Today is day #63 of no alcohol. If you are interested in why I’m on a break, I wrote a post for Women’s Running Magazine about why I decided to do #dryjanuary and why I’m sticking with it for a bit. You can find that HERE {the days are” off” if you are an internet […]

Morning friends! I thought about writing separate posts to update you on a handful of topics/thoughts that are revelant to me, but these days I have less time and I’m betting you do too. So rather than dragging out my soul keeping I’m going to update you on most in one post. They may not […]

A spectacular sunrise this morning left me with a feeling of – I’ve seen this before but where? Obviously I’ve seen a sunrise before and similar sunrises at that, but this particular sunrise seemed to be something I see on a daily basis. Then it clicked – the instagram logo!! It’s literally the sunrise in […]

I read something on a friends instagram the other day about every year being the chosen year {it was her birthday}. While I don’t know exactly what she meant I took what she said and do what I typically do and thought wayyyyy too much about it. Part way in to the second month of […]

Morning friends!! I’ve been MIA from the blog for a couple of weeks, but I’m back. I know, I know, you didn’t notice. That’s okay! If you follow me on instagram you already know some of my exciting-to-me pieces of news this week. Hyland’s asked me to be on an all female team for the Boston […]

Our minds can be our biggest supporters yet also our harshest critics. In a race our minds often flip-flop back and forth between cheering us on and convincing us that we are not capable of what it is we set out to accomplish. It’s important to not only be physically prepared for a race but […]