I read something on a friends instagram the other day about every year being the chosen year {it was her birthday}. While I don’t know exactly what she meant I took what she said and do what I typically do and thought wayyyyy too much about it. Part way in to the second month of […]

Morning friends!! I’ve been MIA from the blog for a couple of weeks, but I’m back. I know, I know, you didn’t notice. That’s okay! If you follow me on instagram you already know some of my exciting-to-me pieces of news this week. Hyland’s asked me to be on an all female team for the Boston […]

Our minds can be our biggest supporters yet also our harshest critics. In a race our minds often flip-flop back and forth between cheering us on and convincing us that we are not capable of what it is we set out to accomplish. It’s important to not only be physically prepared for a race but […]

In December I started my training for Rock N Roll DC Marathon but some things have changed since then so I won’t be running that marathon!   I’ve learned to be more go with the flow when it comes to race plans. It works for me. Because my focus isn’t currently about running PR’s it allows […]

In September, after years of talking about it, I bought a road bike. In thinking about the choices I made in 2016, buying that bike was one of the best. While running will forever be my first love, the more I’ve tried different forms of movement, the more I’ve realized that I just like moving. When triathletes […]

Cold weather running is just that – COLD! As I scrolled through google on Saturday night it occurred to me that instead of finding out how cold it had to be to be too cold to run, I was looking for validation that anything under zero was in fact way too cold to be running. […]

“I like goals, goals are my favorite.” One of my favorite quotes from the movie Elf is when Buddy says that smiling is his favorite! I’m a goal oriented person. Goals help keep me on track personally and professionally. Many of them are fluid and revolve around an ever-changing life dynamic but some of them are […]

My friends at Brooks Running have some safety tips for you to help keep you safe while out on the roads. After their suggestions I’m linking to some articles I’ve written on safety and what it can often feel like to run alone as a woman. I hope you find these tips and articles helpful!! […]

There is something magical to me about a new year. While we are given a fresh start every morning there is something about the entire world starting a new year together that feels special. In a world full of differences it’s one of the few things we all experience together. Fitness goals are always on […]

The year was 2004. I was 22 years old and had been a marathoner for a year. I was a relative newbie to the sport of running but that didn’t stop me from feeling that with each mile I ran, running was becoming a huge part of who I was. Runners were some of the […]

It was mile 5 and I wanted to quit. The sun was blazing, the air was heavy; remind me why I do this again? I started to debate how I could walk off course and then make my way back to the start/finish line. If I had let my body quit that day, the adventure of […]

Someone once told me that hope was a fruitless emotion. That the nature of hope implies waiting for something to come your way or for something to happen but to not work for it. I disagreed on many levels but it wasn’t until today that I fully grasped why hope has been so important in […]