This past weekend in the hotel bar, when I was attempting to find my first real meal of the day at 9 pm the night before the race, I bumped in to someone who I worked with when I worked for National Marathon {Before Rock N Roll DC was RNR DC it was owned by […]

1. The first step is the hardest. 2. There is no second step without the first. 3. Things can always be worse. 4. Look up—nature is talking. 5. There are no shortcuts in life worth taking. You can’t get to mile 20 without running the 19 before it. 6. When in doubt, run it out. […]

If you asked me what my goal for Saturday’s race was two weeks ago I would have told you around a 3:30, I wanted to snag a BQ but still finish feeling like I had enough in the tank for another race. While it may have looked like signing up for B & A Trail […]

Kids say the darndest things, right? I so wish they would bring back that old show {with a new host}! Colton on a near daily basis says something to me that cracks me up or leaves me wondering what on earth is going on in that kids head. Last week when I picked him up […]

I feel as if I have been waiting all winter for this week. The week I want to spend every possible moment outside. The weekly temperature high is going to be between 60 – 70 degrees! The sun coming through Chloe’s window this morning, felt like it was telling us it too was excited for warmth!! For the past […]

We are highly motivated by numbers in this family. Chloe and I often have friendly step competitions. She sees it as something fun, which is exactly how kids should view being active. I’m always amazed, and proud, of how many steps she gets in during the school day. I love that her teacher encourages them to […]

One of my favorite weekly posts from Becoming Minimalist is the weekend reads post {which I rarely have time to read on the weekend}. When I find myself with an extra few moments to spare waiting in the car pool line or bored at a basketball practice I read an article. In a world where there […]

Tomorrow is March!! Say WHAT?! I remember as a child time moving slower than molasses. One year was an eternity. Now at 33, time is moving faster than I can say time. I’m praying that it’s just the season of life I am in. I’ve been working on intentionally keeping our schedule as unscheduled as possible, […]

At the end of 2015 I set out to make some intentional changes in my life. I wanted to be more giving of my time, calmer, happier, healthier, more considerate, and do more to make a difference in the lives of others. Instead of starting January 1, 2016 I set out to get a running […]

What runner hasn’t seen more than their fair share of disgusting porta-pottys?! The ran out of toilet paper porta-potty. The someone obviously had a momentary lapse in eye sight and completely missed the bowl port-o-potty. The holy cow – what did that guy eat for dinner last night – porta-potty. The this honey bucket hasn’t […]

I got my butt in gear this morning and squeezed in a Jillian Michaels DVD before taking Colton to school. He was more than happy not to have me telling him what to do and I was more than happy to try to get back in the habit of getting my butt kicked by Ms. […]

Monday: The best day of the week or the worst day of the week, all depending on how you look at it. This morning’s run had promise. I put on my new Brooks Run Happy shirt and grabbed my phone. I don’t typically listen to music, but today I wanted it. The first song that […]