It’s hard for me to believe but this year marks the 7th year of running with a running stroller. My BOB Running Stroller is by far the best gift I received when I was pregnant with Chloe. I wasn’t aware at the time of the numerous options when it came to strollers. I googled what running stroller was […]

This past Wednesday my kids were being crazy. Literally crazy – I seriously wonder what got into them. If I hadn’t had been with them all day I would have thought they had been fed tons of sugar, possibly even caffeine. Miles did not want to nap. Chloe didn’t want Miles to nap because she […]

Who doesn’t love Friday? Fridays runs are supposed to be easy recovery days for me in preparation for my long runs the next day. Yesterday I woke up to an overcast, lightly misting sky – the perfect type of weather! Chloe, Miles and I set out for our run and for some random reason I […]

I’m thinking the hot weather + the lovely humidity *insert sarcasm* is what is causing my tiredness. I’ve sort of taken it easy this week because I plan on running a 10K tonight. It should be pretty hilarious considering how hot it is out and the fact that the start time is 6:30pm. I broke […]

… I was thinking that maybe when Nietzsche came up with that nice little saying maybe he was pushing two kids on a run. Honestly though I would like to say that I think that any person who runs and pushes a running stroller needs a rather large pat on the back or two or […]