Today’s five songs are from the playlist I made while training for Abbott World Marathon Majors Tokyo Marathon. I like creating specific playlists for each race I train for. During each training cycle I mostly listen to the same playlist repeatedly. When I need an extra boost on a tough run though I’ll go back […]

Sponsored conversation by Almond Breeze It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two months since I finished my 41st marathon, Boston Marathon. The month after a marathon is always a mix of of bliss and sadness for me. I’m happy that the experience happened but always really sad it’s over. That sounds crazy when I write it […]

Happy Global Running Day! I’ll take 365 “made up” holidays if they encourage people to run and be active. #GlobalRunningDay — Dorothy Beal • I Run This Body® (@MilePosts) June 5, 2019 Shoes: OV X HOKA BONDI B Someone once told me they enjoyed following me on twitter because you didn’t know what you were […]

Sponsored conversation by Under Armour This year is flying by….or running by me – rather quickly as I prefer to think… At the beginning of this year Berlin Marathon seemed far off in the future but the time has arrived to start full on training. As I’ve mentioned more recently the time on the clock […]

Today’s run felt harder than it should have. As I was distracting myself from thinking about how it was just a meh run, I thought about how so much of running is truly brain training. Yes we have to train the physical body but if you don’t train the mind, the physical body gives up […]

Sponsored by lululemon & ShopStyle It’s hard to believe it’s been over a week since I ran my 41st Marathon. My legs are feeling great and I’m excited to get back to training and building back the miles for some shorter races and for Abbott World Marathon Majors Berlin Marathon in September! It finally feels […]

I promise that one of these days I will write a post that doesn’t start with me telling you about how I have the goal of wanting to write more…yeah it’s STILL a goal. I believe in my heart I’m going to make it happen and then it just doesn’t, for whatever reason. I love […]

Scenes from other runner’s runs are always some of my favorites, so I decided to devote an entire account to posting mine, because why have just one Instagram account when you can have twenty?! I’m kidding, sort of. My latest Instagram account is @irunthistrail – NO nonsense, just views from my runs. If those types […]

Since before Chloe was born I have been volunteering at the ACLI Capital Challenge. I’ve worked my way up from handing out t-shirts to being in charge of the awards + being the “handler” for whatever celebrity runner is the whistleblower for that year. In 2018 as I watched Des Linden win the Boston Marathon […]

I’m sitting here procrastinating. I need to go run. I am having a hard time willing myself to go. It’s cold out. The winds are gusting at 20 mph. Taking in to consideration the wind I ran in yesterday though, 20 mph might actually not feel all that bad. The real feel according to […]

My legs felt surprisingly fresh after Abbott World Marathon Majors New York City Marathon, so instead of taking the week off I ran a bit. I typically recommend taking a week or more off after a marathon. That being said I completely trust myself these days to not be stupid and to listen to what […]

This is the first “weekly recap” of my training for Abbott World Marathon Majors Tokyo Marathon. I’m hoping if I give it this nifty name that I will actually recap my training weekly. As I attempt to get back some of the speed in my legs it’s been fun for me going back and reading […]