Way back in April I promised to tell you what running shoes I ended up going with when I visited Road Runner Sports to get fit for custom insoles and a new pair of kicks. I’m not exactly sure how it’s June – skratch that – how it’s almost July – but we will just […]

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Road Runner Sports to get fitted for a new pair of running shoes and custom insoles. I’m a neutral runner and have fairly high arches. At one point I didn’t run at all without some sort of insert in my shoes, whether they were an over the […]

Earlier this week Chloe and I headed to Road Runner Sports to try on some new running shoes and get professionally fit. The last time I remember having someone look at the way I run was long before I had kids! I worked at specialty running store, during college and for a little while after I […]

A couple of weeks ago I went to Road Runner Sports in Falls Church to help staff the store and promote Saucony during the St. Patty’s Day 8k packet pick up. It was allot of fun working, but also not really *working* – I came dressed in my Saucony gear and my new Pro Grid […]

With valentines day fast approaching I thought I would share two of my recent favorite favorites and something fun to do for the big day if you live in the DC Metro area. In 2010 I have decided to consume less. This means a variety of things one of which is to go shopping for […]