My goal for Richmond Marathon was to do nothing other than run the day. I would arrive to the start with the mindset of wanting to run under 3:30 and if my legs still had any speed in them I would try to drop down and run faster than MCM. Running the day meant that […]

Yesterday I went for my first run post Marine Corps Marathon. I was itching to run all week but reminded myself that it’s VERY important to allow enough recovery time if you want to attempt back to back marathons. Friday morning I decided not to make the trip up to NYC for the marathon and […]

saundra asked?How did you train to improve your marathon time so drastically? Did you follow a specific plan? How many days/miles per week were you running? I’ll tell you my whole story – since I think the progression as a runner begins the day you start to run. In 2003 I decided I wanted to […]

Saturday I ran 15 miles and felt great. Really only felt tired at mile 15! This is good news for me because last year after Marine Corps I tried to run 10 prior to Richmond Marathon and ended up walk/running about 8 or so. Ran about 5.5 this morning with Becca and again felt great. […]