While standing at the start line a guy next to me asked me if I was sponsored. This was a first. Yes, I am but it is not because I am fast [I knew this is what he was thinking]. His goal for the race was a 1:34, he asked mine. Between 1:30 and 1:32, […]

saundra asked?How did you train to improve your marathon time so drastically? Did you follow a specific plan? How many days/miles per week were you running? I’ll tell you my whole story – since I think the progression as a runner begins the day you start to run. In 2003 I decided I wanted to […]

…..last night I decided I had to run. Had to run because some how I managed to gain 5lbs this past weekend?!?! If one lb is 3,500 extra calories and you times that by 5 – I managed to eat/drink 17,500 extra calories?!?! I’m hoping some of this is water weight or something because I […]

I’m back from Ragnar Relay and still on cloud nine. There is too much to write in one post so I am going to do a couple!!! Oooo la la I know you are excited! As you know I got asked a week ago if I was interested in being on a Saucony Team for […]

…..or maybe I should say an addition to the plan. Two weeks from now I will be running the Freedom’s Run Marathon in West Virginia. One week from now I am supposed to run between 12 – 10 miles in order to taper for this marathon. Thursday night the local Saucony Tech Rep, Julia Rudd, […]

You asked: I answered: I was at my peak weight in college when I first decided it was time to start running and getting into shape. I weighed over 35 lbs more than my current weight. I was staying up too late, drinking too much beer, and eating wayyyy to many crappy foods. These were […]

Before every race I run I look up the past years results. I look who came in first with what time. I look at all the girls in my age group and what place I would come in if I ran close to what my PR already is at that distance. I’m a race geek. […]

After having run 10 marathons I decided it might be time to finally run a 5K. I had no idea how to race it and definitely learned A LOT from the experience. I hadn’t run once that week leading up to it….I was trying to rest my body from running another marathon(5 days prior). It […]

PR – Personal Record – The term brings me joy. This past weekend I ran the National 1/2 Marathon with 3 friends while another friend of ours ran a full at VA Beach. All of us set out with hopes of running a faster race than we had prior – but none of us knew […]