I think it is important after every marathon to take a look at your splits and see where there is room for improvement. This chart is the side by side split comparison for all 26.2 miles of the last four marathons I have run. At Boston Marathon 2011 I started out at what I would […]

What follows are my thoughts on pace groups. You may or may not agree with what I have to say. That’s fine. When discussing this topic with my husband after Columbus Marathon, he remarked, some people like to turn off their brains and just run. For those people who just want someone else to do […]

There are many factors that have to come together for a successful marathon. Out of the 17 I’ve run I have made the most right decisions on 3 of them, B & A Trail Marathon 2010, Potomac River Run Marathon 2011 and Columbus Marathon 2011. It is no surprise that these 3 races happen to […]

With Columbus Marathon less than 6 days away I’m going to talk about how you can avoid hitting the wall. My two fastest marathons, 3:21:05 and 3:23:43 are the only two marathons I felt that I properly executed pacing, eating and hydrating during the race. It is no surprise that these are the two marathons […]

Melody with her hubby! [they met on a group run] I’m excited to introduce this next runner and blogger to you! Melody is one of my NuunMates on my Hood To Coast Relay Team AfterNUUNdelight. She ran her first marathon at the Potomac River Run Marathon 2011[she qualified for Boston on her 1st marathon] where despite […]

I often get asked if I believe in the long slow distance principle for long runs.  I do. I typically run my long runs 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds slower than my goal race pace. As I have matured and learned more about the science behind running and long runs I now know […]

The only limits we have in life are those we place on ourselves. 13 days after Boston Marathon, wearing Bib #3, I ran my 3rd marathon this year in a time of 3:23:43. Good enough for 2nd place female and 15th overall. I’m in a state of pure bliss. Race recap to come!

As a competitor I find the littlest[silliest] things to compete with myself on. I don’t like that the number of postings in April have gone down compared to previous months….silly I know. I’ve been struggling with wanting to write about the mundane details of my life, but not wanting to bore you. In turn I […]

You asked – I answered. Last year’s Potomac River Run Marathon was larger than expected. Because of this there was a rolling start. A rolling start? What is this? Well it means that when you show up to the race and are ready, you start. I thought it was hilarious. I arrived with my mom, […]

I just found out that there will be a Potomac River Run Marathon this year! There was some debate on whether it would happen this year after last years fiasco[more on that in a moment]. It seems the race has been moved to the C&O Canal and is up and running so to say. So […]

Saturday I ran 15 miles and felt great. Really only felt tired at mile 15! This is good news for me because last year after Marine Corps I tried to run 10 prior to Richmond Marathon and ended up walk/running about 8 or so. Ran about 5.5 this morning with Becca and again felt great. […]

Kids clothing and the sport of running don’t mix…..I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every soccer, basketball, football or baseball piece of apparel I’ve seen for little boys – but try looking for something – anything related to running and you will find just about nothing. Why is this? Why is it […]