Yesterday I went for my first run post Marine Corps Marathon. I was itching to run all week but reminded myself that it’s VERY important to allow enough recovery time if you want to attempt back to back marathons. Friday morning I decided not to make the trip up to NYC for the marathon and […]

What happens after you have a bad long run? Do you automatically start to doubt your ability on race day or do you move on and chalk it up to training? I’ve done both. 9 years ago when I first started training for marathons a bad long run would get me down for weeks. I […]

Two weeks ago I was furiously packing my bags for the trip of a lifetime. Yet I still sit here unable to put into words how amazing the whirlwind weekend was. I find that writing a post makes things final and when it comes to recaps it means something is over. Admittedly I don’t want […]

Monday determines my week. If I start it out on a high note with running, my weekly mileage usually follows suit. If I skip my run that day or have a rocky start, I find it hard to get in a groove. After my basically-no-sleep-weekend in NYC with Women’s Running Magazine, I started out last […]

51 miles last week in runs – only 16 of those miles were solo – all others were pushing a stroller. Instead of this making me feel sorry for myself that I have to push 100+ lbs of little people, it’s making me feel just a little bit bad a$$. I’ve got the motivation in […]

In my life the excitement of marathon season is not matched by anything else. Today was filled with watching the New York Marathon, tweeting about it, and being filled with joy as so many runners I know virtually and in real life dreamed big. My uncle ran his second fastest marathon. I couldn’t be more […]

Name: Elizabeth Clor Age: 31 Location: Chantilly, VA Years Running: 10 years running, 5 years racing Favorite Race Distance: 10-miler Favorite Pre-Race Food: Some form of bread, usually a bagel Favorite Post-Race Food: Ice cream if the race was hot and anything warm, like a funnel cake, if the race was cold! PR’s: 5K: 22:21 5-mile: […]

You’ve spent hours on line reading all the reviews of races, you have spent countless Friday nights googling marathons, attempting to see if someone could just give you a comprehensive list of the fastest races in the country. You try to explain to your significant other that yes it’s about the journey, but after […]

Some stats I found interesting on marathons and running According to Running USA an estimated 412,000 people ran a marathon in the US in 2007. The median time for males was 4:20:04 and for females it was 4:49:48! In 1980 the median time for male marathon finishers was 3:32:17 and for females it was 4:03:39. […]