Marathon season is here and in full swing. I hope that your miles have been happy and fulfilling! If you are looking for some new songs to add to your long run or race day playlist check out this month’s list from RunHundred. This month’s top 10 workout songs span a wider tempo range then […]

November! How is it already November? Feels like just yesterday training for fall races was just beginning and now many of them are over. Congrats to everyone who ran NYC Marathon this past weekend!! Rock N Roll Savannah and Las Vegas are coming upon us fast – if you are running one of those races […]

If you are finding yourself scrambling to pick songs to add to your playlist this week for Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday, here are 10 from RunHundred. If these 10 aren’t enough check out my playlist for Women’s Running Magazine HERE! “In a workout playlist, balance is key. Too much familiarity can be boring. At […]

“The summer may be winding down, but you’d never guess it from this month’s workout playlist. While June and July featured an assortment of sunny pop songs, August’s top picks are more eclectic in two main ways: tempo and genre. With some faster songs and greater variety in your mix, you’ll be perfectly equipped to […]

“Spring is in full swing, the weather is warming, and April’s top 10 songs will bring the heat to your workout as well. This month’s picks provide a steady rhythm with most of the mix clocking in between 122 and 130 beats per minute (BPM). Within that range, you’ll find chart returns from both Carly […]

Spring finally seems like it is on the way to my neck of the woods. I feel a little jump in my step now that I’m taking my runs outside and not stuck inside on the treadmill. Seems like the perfect time to update my playlist before Cherry Blossom 10 miler in four weeks! “This […]

All I find myself doing these days is dreaming of warmer weather. Music is about the only thing getting me through long runs – that and thinking about laying out on the beach sometime in the near future. If you need some new music to help you make it through your runs – check out this […]

“The highlight of this month’s workout music round-up is the balance it strikes between perennial favorites and relative newcomers. By veering between the two, the mix manages to send both familiar and fresh at the same time. Starting with the hits, you’ve got a pair of collaborations uniting Jessie J with 2 Chainz and Wyclef […]

Run Hundred always has a great top 10 list to keep your playslist fresh and this month is no different. The top 10 list contains a  healthy mix of perennial favorites and relative upstarts. Chart regulars like Shakira and OneRepublic both clock in with their most recent singles. At the same time, Ed Sheeran and Christina Perri are making […]

Running Boston Marathon on Monday and need some new music to add to your playlist? Not that you need ANY music at the BOSTON MARATHON but if you are one of those who just can’t imagine running a marathon without music here are some new beats for your list. For the record I’ve run Boston […]

This month’s playlist is dominated by club tracks. Fitz & The Tantrums appeared in last month’s Top 10 and have returned this month with the only rock song to make the cut. Apart from that, everything else is straight from the dancefloor: a fierce new single from Kylie Minogue, a riff on Instagram culture from The Chainsmokers, and a collaboration […]

Looking for some songs to add to your 2014 playlist? Check out the release from Run Hundred below as well as their top 10 list from 2013! The end of the year is a great time to survey workout music for two reasons. First, it provides a chance to look back at the year that’s winding down […]