Growing up I had what seemed to be the perfect family. Two loving parents, three siblings, a dog and a nice house. We were the perfect American dream. It was a shock, yet not a shock when my parents split up after 20 years of marriage. I’ve spent a good portion of the past 10 […]

W & OD 1

How oh how have 6 years of my life gone by this fast? It seems like forever ago I found out I was expecting a little person in my life yet it seems like just yesterday she was born. Last night as I felt some life growing pains of my own, my dearest friend Claire […]


Hello Monday. Hello First Day of School. Hello 12 miles before the sun rose – 7:40 average. [7+ with my speedy friend] Last week we lost internet and phone because of a mini fiasco with Verizon. Even though I now feel behind on work stuff,  it was the perfect time to lose it. It allowed […]


Tuesday night I set my alarm for what I consider a *literally insane hour of the morning* When my alarm went off it was surprisingly easy to get out of bed. I was not looking forward to the run, but to the post run bliss. I was looking forwarding to sitting on my front porch […]


Last Thursday little people and I decided to head the other direction on the trail near our house. The first little bit was downhill which is exactly why I hadn’t wanted to run on it. Downhill in the first part meant that it was going to be straight uphill on the last little bit home. […]


Making Memories. One of the many things I thought about while on vacation at the Outer Banks was about making memories with my little people. I don’t want this summer to fly by and to ask myself what we did? I want to be able to list fun memories we made and silly things we […]


I just put little person #1 on the bus for her last day of Kindergarten. I officially become a mom of a soon-to-be 1st grader this afternoon. How am I this old? Where did the time go? I’m not sure how 5+ years have passed since she was born. It seems like a life time ago, […]


I often come across as someone who is very confident. I am not. I have struggles just like every one else. My mind is not made of steel. The weaker I feel in life the more I pour myself into running. It is not to run away but to rather run towards something. I’ve been […]

Friends Are Like Carbs

I saw this shirt at Madewell [one of my favs] and I find it hilarious….. I don’t know why it has stuck in my head but I keep finishing the sentence….. Friends are like carbs…… Addicting Friends are like carbs…… too many may not be good for you Friends are like carbs…… can’t live with out them […]