In my early 20’s I let things break me. They don’t anymore. They might shove me down for a little but not for long. Going in to Boston I told myself I wasn’t going to let it break my heart. It didn’t. Boston Marathon 2012 was the most amazing weekend of my life – from visiting […]

Winner # 1 – From the True Random Number Generator at is #36 Julie! Winner #2 – From the True Random Number Generator at is #29 Jessica! Email me at with your mailing address and your signed copy of Run To Overcome will be on it’s way shortly. If you didn’t win, fret not.  […]

Run To Overcome Why do you run to overcome? What do you run to overcome? Do you overcome to win? What is winning all about? The Book Review: Run To Overcome, is the story of Mebrahtom “Meb”  Keflezighi, one of the greatest American distance runners ever.  It chronicles his life beginning as a child in warn-torn Eritrea, a small country […]

HINT: It has to do with MEB!! I realized something today, or rather maybe the cycle came full circle.  My parents are pretty cool. I’m a whiner, I often express myself through complaints.  Don’t get me wrong I am a very positive person who tries to inspire others, but in my day to day life […]

There is only one man that can over shadow meeting Bart Yasso, Meb. I was so overjoyed about running into Meb that I nearly forgot to post about the honored guest of the Capital Challenge 2010, Bart Yasso. Bart Yasso for those of you who have not heard of him is the author of My […]

Thought you might enjoy reading the press release from the ACLI Capital Challenge Race. Why? Simply because it gives me great joy(and maybe you too) when our elected officials actually do something that serves as a great example to the rest of our country. [Republicans and Democrats alike] Running is a great way to get […]

Mind to self… Is that Meb? No that couldn’t be Meb. Could it be? Who randomly runs into one of their running heros? Me? Hmmm? No, I’m being silly? Wait he’s wearing a Nike jacket…what are the chances of a man who looks just like Meb wearing that jacket? Hmmm he’s with another man – […]

…..last night I decided I had to run. Had to run because some how I managed to gain 5lbs this past weekend?!?! If one lb is 3,500 extra calories and you times that by 5 – I managed to eat/drink 17,500 extra calories?!?! I’m hoping some of this is water weight or something because I […]

Jump on the bandwagon!! Meb has a facebook fan page and is on twitter – tweet tweet Check out his new website! What an awe inspiring guy. Of course I couldn’t have been happier when I checked out his website and saw that his quote is my ALL time favorite Bible Verse. “I can […]

I’m more tired today after a fast 14 with Meredith than I was after running my last marathon. Yes I was more sore after running a full 26.2 – but I’m walking around today like a zombie – I might as well have just run a marathon. I’m useless! I think I’d be really sad […]

Kids clothing and the sport of running don’t mix…..I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every soccer, basketball, football or baseball piece of apparel I’ve seen for little boys – but try looking for something – anything related to running and you will find just about nothing. Why is this? Why is it […]