Last night I headed to Georgetown to meet up with my mom and attend the awards ceremony for Marine Corps Marathon! A little mother-daughter time was just what the doctor ordered – that and two glasses of wine. My mom ran a HUGE personal PR at Marine Corps Marathon which was good enough for 6th […]

Marine Corps 2013 1

I ran a marathon on Sunday. I was smart and to quote Frederik Van Lierde “it worked out” Sometimes you are in shape to run a 3:05 marathon and you run a 3:17 other times you are in shape for a 3:20 marathon and run a 3:13. The marathon isn’t just about fitness – it’s a […]

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The weather will be near perfect for a marathon tomorrow. Not too hot, not too cold. There may be some points along the course that are breezy or downright windy, they always are, but other than that it should be a beautiful day for a marathon around our Nations Capital. I’ve made the mistake many a […]

Marine Corps Marathon 2011

10 years ago today I woke up in the apartment I was sharing with my mom. We gathered our stuff together and headed to the start line of Marine Corps Marathon. It was a morning filled with excitement and angst. Could I run 26.2 miles? Could a girl who pretended to hyperventilate to avoid running […]


If you have never run a marathon before you have most likely heard of this thing called THE WALL. Some runners believe that you can’t run a marathon without hitting the wall and others know better. I’ve hit the wall {many times}. I’ve also NOT hit the wall and had great races where I finished 26.2 miles […]

Summer 2013 4

As someone who for the majority of her life considered herself un-athletic there were two things sporty that I grew to love and felt like I was decent at. Running and core work. Core work doesn’t really qualify as a sport, and to some running doesn’t either….but either way this was mostly the extent of […]

RW Challenge

Missed out on registering for Marine Corps Marathon?  Had a terrible time getting through the online system the day of registration? Still want to run? Register for the Runner’s World Challenge for your entry into MCM 2013! Runners who sign up for the challenge receive VIP treatment race weekend including: ·         Entry into the always sold […]

Marine Corps Marathon 2012 Cert

It’s been three weeks since Marathon #21. A LOT has happened since then – including the wonderfully painful Marathon #22. I don’t want to forget #21 mostly because I was happy, really happy. So here I sit, a in a state of self induced force, writing my own words down so years from now #21 doesn’t mesh together […]


email – would you have any interest in interviewing Shalane Flanagan? me – jumping up and down – freaking out – ummm YES 2012 has been an incredible year in my life for so many reasons – so many in fact that I can’t even begin to count them. It makes me feel blessed and […]

25 Miles

As I type this – I’m dancing at my desk. Some Nights is playing in the background. I’m embracing fear. I said I was smart – maybe I am – maybe I’m not. What I ultimately decided was that I didn’t know why I was giving up a race I loved for one that I was only half […]


One of the many things I was reminded of at Army Ten Miler is that what you wear is EXTREMELY important in long distance races. Again long distance is relative to the person but for me a long race is anything over 10 miles. The temperature on Sunday just before the race was around 50 […]

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I’ve never had an injury. Yep – never. There have been times I felt a twinge of something coming. When I did I pulled back. I rested. I lowered my mileage, even stopped it for a little. I listen to my body. ALWAYS. Listening to my body is what I credit to this no injury […]

Heart Rate

Yesterday I went for an 8 mile easy run in the afternoon. It was raining in the morning so a triple stroller run was not an option and I WAS NOT in the mood to run on the treadmill. It felt easy because of the pace, but not so easy because of the heat – if that even […]

June Workouts

51 miles last week in runs – only 16 of those miles were solo – all others were pushing a stroller. Instead of this making me feel sorry for myself that I have to push 100+ lbs of little people, it’s making me feel just a little bit bad a$$. I’ve got the motivation in […]

Body Glide Blogger of the Month

Thank you Body Glide for picking Mile Posts as the blog of the month for May! I’ve been using Body Glide since I first started running. I don’t go running with out it. NOT JOKING. I know girls who have been blessed with stick thin legs – I am not one of them. I have […]

My alarm went off at 4:11. My favorite number is 11 and my birthday is 4/11. If I was waking up early for a marathon I wanted the number on the clock to be a good one. I was not tired. In the weeks leading up to Marine Corps I tried to go to sleep […]

Everything happens for a reason. Literally everything. We might not see the ultimate plan before us but it is there. We must bend but not break.  This summer my mom was part of an awesome contest where the top prize was a trip to London to watch the 2012 Olympics. My mom, who used to […]

This is going to be long, I hope you will stick around through all 26.2 miles[which may mean multiple posts], but if you don’t that’s okay. These posts are more for me than for anyone else. I want to remember how I felt in 2011 and this was a huge part of my whole year […]

I think it is important after every marathon to take a look at your splits and see where there is room for improvement. This chart is the side by side split comparison for all 26.2 miles of the last four marathons I have run. At Boston Marathon 2011 I started out at what I would […]

I love life. I consider myself a student of life, I make plenty of mistakes BUT I learn from them. When I learn something big I want to shout it from the roof top. I’M A DIFFERENT PERSON TODAY. Better than the day before. As a child I went to a private Christian school – […]

Health On The Run & I Running Side By Side – LOVE IT As a girl in her 20’s I have often found myself regretting decisions I have made, things I have said. I am not sure there is a person in this world that has not at one time or another felt this way. In […]

Feeling truly loved.  Do you see that smile? A true smile is one you feel from the inside out. One that only the best of friends can bring on.I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am right now. Did I want a 3:10? Yes. Did I think to myself yesterday YOU […]

I do not talk much about my goals for a marathon before a marathon. This year was the first year I even laid it out there that I had hopes of one day running a 3:10 marathon. I have goals. I just do not always want to share them. Why? Race Outfit Ready To Go […]

What to wear is always a stressful decision for any marathoner but especially for first timers. You just do not know how you will feel or how your body will react during the race. What follows is my advice on what you should wear. As always what works for me – may not work for […]

Let me just preface this post with this statement. I am in no way recommending that you do back to back marathons two weeks apart or even just back to back marathons. I do know however that there are many runners out there just like me who throw caution to the wind as they say […]

Runners are all different. Our bodies and stomachs all handle things differently. The only thing I can say with CERTAINTY is that you without a doubt NEED to eat breakfast the morning of a marathon.  I do not eat breakfast before any long runs, yet I would NEVER skip a morning meal race day. There […]

The median marathon finish time in 2010 for a man was 4:16:14 seconds and 4:42:10 for women. This is a LONG time compared to the average elite finish time of just over 2 hours. The average runner is out there longer and needs to be MORE aware of his or her nutritional and water needs. What […]

The marathon is a long race. So long so that my mind still can not truly wrap itself around the distance after running seventeen 26.2’s. When racing – I no longer count how many miles to go. It is discouraging. Instead I find words, phrases, quotes that motivate me to keep going when I think […]

It is easy to get caught up in the world. To fall victim to what we see in magazines, the Internet, the TV. Everyone wants to BE. Be better. Be happier. Be skinnier. Be prettier. Be more popular. Be faster. Be richer. Be smarter. It is not that BEing is wrong. What is wrong is […]

I am telling this story exactly how I feel it happened. These are my words, my thoughts and my opinions. No one can change them and I am entitled to them. If you want to hear about my experience read on. If you have nothing nice to say, do as your mother told you and […]