Jan 23 1

The first step to any marathon training program is figuring out the long run situation. I write down the date of the race and work backwards. 10 – 12 –  one week out 16 – two weeks out 20 – 24 – three weeks out I know the week before my longest long run I like […]

Jan 22 1

I know in order to recover properly and keep doing this marathon thing year after year I have to rest. I enjoy rest and I hate rest. After a marathon I usually take a week off from running or working out. I’m typically in pretty good shape physically post marathon so sliding into my jeans […]

10 Mile Race

What happens after you have a bad long run? Do you automatically start to doubt your ability on race day or do you move on and chalk it up to training? I’ve done both. 9 years ago when I first started training for marathons a bad long run would get me down for weeks. I […]

Believe I Am

I love your comments, tweets and facebook messages. They lift me up and help me DREAM BIGGER in running and life. They make me want more – to live a life I can’t even imagine. I feel blessed to have YOU supporting me. When I feel doubt in my mind I often draw from a […]


Two weeks ago I was furiously packing my bags for the trip of a lifetime. Yet I still sit here unable to put into words how amazing the whirlwind weekend was. I find that writing a post makes things final and when it comes to recaps it means something is over. Admittedly I don’t want […]


Monday determines my week. If I start it out on a high note with running, my weekly mileage usually follows suit. If I skip my run that day or have a rocky start, I find it hard to get in a groove. After my basically-no-sleep-weekend in NYC with Women’s Running Magazine, I started out last […]

Instagram 3

I’ve never had an injury. Yep – never. There have been times I felt a twinge of something coming. When I did I pulled back. I rested. I lowered my mileage, even stopped it for a little. I listen to my body. ALWAYS. Listening to my body is what I credit to this no injury […]


Tuesday night I set my alarm for what I consider a *literally insane hour of the morning* When my alarm went off it was surprisingly easy to get out of bed. I was not looking forward to the run, but to the post run bliss. I was looking forwarding to sitting on my front porch […]


Last Thursday little people and I decided to head the other direction on the trail near our house. The first little bit was downhill which is exactly why I hadn’t wanted to run on it. Downhill in the first part meant that it was going to be straight uphill on the last little bit home. […]


Saturday I ran 18.18 miles with an average pace of 8:18. I have this crazy [some think insane] thing with the number 818. I see it ALL the time. This run is just nuts to me because there is NO WAY I could even try to do this. Normally I stop my run when I […]

Leesburg Stroller Run 2

Sunday I ran 6 miles with baby C on the section of the W & OD we now live off of, so I knew what I was in for this morning. The first 2 miles were going to be mostly uphill with only a couple of little bits that were either flat or a tiny […]


I’ve been thinking about things I will miss at our house….. Chloe’s room is one of the places I miss most from our old town house and I know I will miss her room here as well.   The boys and I went to the W & OD Trail this morning after we dropped Chloe off […]

Heart Rate Run

Little person #1 has Vacation Bible School this week which means if I want to get in a run in the mornings I have to leave the house early in order to be back in time to get the three of them ready and get her there by 9. This morning she was in NO MOOD […]

Heart Rate

Yesterday I went for an 8 mile easy run in the afternoon. It was raining in the morning so a triple stroller run was not an option and I WAS NOT in the mood to run on the treadmill. It felt easy because of the pace, but not so easy because of the heat – if that even […]

June Workouts

51 miles last week in runs – only 16 of those miles were solo – all others were pushing a stroller. Instead of this making me feel sorry for myself that I have to push 100+ lbs of little people, it’s making me feel just a little bit bad a$$. I’ve got the motivation in […]

Progression Run 1

What exactly is a progression run? The answer to this question varies because there are multiple types of progression runs. Each week I try to run at least one progression run – whether it’s during a regular weekly run or a long run. The progression run I do each week is a start slow, finish […]

HTC Leg 1 Start

How do you figure out what pace you should train at? From the 5K distance up to the marathon – it’s not easy to know what the optimal training paces are with out help from someone with experience. My go to site for figuring out what pace I should train at is the McMillan Running […]

Boston Marathon Mile 19

Do you have those days when you just can’t seem to put your finger on it, but you feel blue? Or the days that you sort-of-can put your finger on it but you aren’t really sure how to explain it to anyone other than yourself? I get this way post marathon. Each and EVERY time this happens […]

One of my favorite Christmas presents. Dream Big, Run Long bracelets from my sister!

Prior to Columbus Marathon I put it out there that I had BIG DREAMS of one day running a 3:10 marathon. When I decided on that DREAM I didn’t think I could or would even come close to it for a VERY LONG time – it seemed like a BIG DREAM [and a huge goal]. Then decided to go […]


One of the many things I hate and love about life is that it can change in an instant. Thursday was just about one of the worst days of my life. Two sicks kids + tired mommy + hubby working late = misery. Friday since hubby had worked so late he decided he could/would take […]

Chloe Mommy

I get questions each week about my training. I find these questions hard to answer at times because I am constantly switching up what I do each training cycle. I don’t want my body to get comfortable, I don’t want it to ever stop adapting. I keep it guessing. I keep it confused. If you run 5 […]

National Marathon is less than a week away but I’m already getting everything ready!!!  The week before a marathon is a very important time for me.  Mentally I need to get my head on straight. I need to figure out my race plan and believe in it. I need to tell my mind what is going to happen […]

The first step in beginning a training program is figuring out what pace you should train at.  Running fast all the time will not make you a fast runner.  Consequently running long and slow all the time will also not make you fast.  You must use a combination of fast and slow running in order […]