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The weather will be near perfect for a marathon tomorrow. Not too hot, not too cold. There may be some points along the course that are breezy or downright windy, they always are, but other than that it should be a beautiful day for a marathon around our Nations Capital. I’ve made the mistake many a […]


One of the many things I was reminded of at Army Ten Miler is that what you wear is EXTREMELY important in long distance races. Again long distance is relative to the person but for me a long race is anything over 10 miles. The temperature on Sunday just before the race was around 50 […]

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How do you figure out what pace you should train at? From the 5K distance up to the marathon – it’s not easy to know what the optimal training paces are with out help from someone with experience. My go to site for figuring out what pace I should train at is the McMillan Running […]

I have been excited to share this news for about a week now! Life has been hectic to say the least, so blogging and cleaning the house [joy] has been put on the back burner [note: I never use the back burner, though I am thinking I should start]. My mom, me, and Ashley post sweaty […]

Figuring out what to wear on race day is extremely hard whether you are a new marathoner or a seasoned veteran. Overdress and you risk sweating too much, getting dehydrated faster, or simply overheating. Underdress and you spend 3+ hours thinking about how cold you are. I can honestly tell you that out of the 13 marathons […]

National Marathon is less than a week away but I’m already getting everything ready!!!  The week before a marathon is a very important time for me.  Mentally I need to get my head on straight. I need to figure out my race plan and believe in it. I need to tell my mind what is going to happen […]

Less than 2 days to go till Marine Corps Marathon 2010 and you may find yourself among the lucky few runners who are not stressed and feel as if they are completely prepared.  If you fit into the profile of the rest of us, you are probably stressing about every little detail and would take […]