818 marathon

I ran my 24th marathon 4 days ago. It went nothing as I had planned, in more ways than one, but it was a marathon finish and for that I’m proud. There are many emotions that go along with running. Emotions while training, emotions while thinking about running, emotions during the race, and emotions post […]

Jan 22 1

I know in order to recover properly and keep doing this marathon thing year after year I have to rest. I enjoy rest and I hate rest. After a marathon I usually take a week off from running or working out. I’m typically in pretty good shape physically post marathon so sliding into my jeans […]


Fall is a time of wonder. A time of renewal. The fall of the leaves reminds me that nothing last forever. That in life there are seasons. We can not be green and bright year round. We are beautiful when we are red, orange and yellow. Fall is a time when a simple leaf can bring immense […]

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Last night I felt sick to my stomach. I was silent. This doesn’t often happen. My husband asked me over and over again what was wrong. *nothing* You are deep in thought about something. Tell me. *nothing* *you could get used to me being silent right?* The reality was nothing was wrong – but my […]

Reston 10 Miler

A new marathon and half marathon is coming to Reston, Virginia! The Reston Marathon and Half Marathon will take place on March 24th, 2013. Race Information: Start: South Lakes High School, Reston VA Marathon Start Time: 7:30 am Half Marathon Start Time: 8:00 am Race website: http://www.runnersmarathon.com/ Questions: email info@runnersmarathon.com Registration opened this past Sunday […]


Melissa Romero from the Washingtonian recently posed this question to me. It took all of 5 minutes for me to respond to her with my admition that I do *race hair* before a big race. The admission ended with me laughing to myself over how silly it seemed that I do this before races. Silly […]

Boston Marathon 2012

Today I ran my 20th marathon. It’s always surreal to me when my words are the words that help me the most. It’s why I blog. I love inspiring others but most of all I write every word for myself. To document my journey. To give me STRONG when I don’t have any. To learn. […]

my biggest fan

I write and re-write blogs posts in my head every day. Sometimes I get a chance to type them up – others are lost forever because I can not find the time to put the words down. Still others I start remain drafts for various reasons. Yesterday in the car I started this post. I […]

One of my favorite Christmas presents. Dream Big, Run Long bracelets from my sister!

Prior to Columbus Marathon I put it out there that I had BIG DREAMS of one day running a 3:10 marathon. When I decided on that DREAM I didn’t think I could or would even come close to it for a VERY LONG time – it seemed like a BIG DREAM [and a huge goal]. Then decided to go […]


There is something about a long run that I love and hate all at the same time. When I don’t HAVE to do long runs. I MISS them. I find the distance intimidating yet exhilarating. December is usually a blah month for me. It sounds crazy since it’s a time for celebration, but the post […]

The marathon is a long race. So long so that my mind still can not truly wrap itself around the distance after running seventeen 26.2’s. When racing – I no longer count how many miles to go. It is discouraging. Instead I find words, phrases, quotes that motivate me to keep going when I think […]

This story (http://running.competitor.com/2011/10/news/marathon-cheat-expelled-from-his-running-club_40158) in the news today reminded me of the day I was told point blank by another runner that he had cheated at a marathon. Rest assured I didn’t cheat – I ran all 26.2 miles! There are some terrible things people can do in life. In running I would say cheating is one […]

With Columbus Marathon less than 6 days away I’m going to talk about how you can avoid hitting the wall. My two fastest marathons, 3:21:05 and 3:23:43 are the only two marathons I felt that I properly executed pacing, eating and hydrating during the race. It is no surprise that these are the two marathons […]

National Marathon was the first time I’ve ever run with music during a race. I typically like to be present in the moment, but for this particular race I knew that I would need an extra little kick, some more pep in my step, to deal with the sleepless nights that come with having a […]

26.2 miles is a very far distance.  My head has never been able to wrap itself around this distance.  When I first started training for marathons I would have anxiety the night before a long run.  I would barely sleep in preparation because my mind was running over and over just how far 20 miles […]

As some of us begin summer training for the marathon, it’s easy to get caught up in the end result and forget to enjoy the training. Yes, with out the training we would not be able to run the race, but to truly enjoy the race, one must enjoy the training. What good is it […]

You asked – I answered. Here is an easy to understand basic explanation! And keep those questions coming!! Why is what you eat important before a marathon? Well if you think about it – you literally are what you eat. Every day the choices that you make on what to put in your mouth eventually […]

…..as summed up by Tim McGraw There’s always a price you pay no matter what you do If you’re gonna climb that mountain to the top It always comes down to How bad do you want it? How bad do you need it? Are you eating, sleeping, dreaming with that one thing on your mind? […]

with a little help from my mom of course….. What I’m talking about is a ‘fuel’ that doesn’t hurt my stomach. I’ve never run a marathon and not crashed at the end – due in part to the fact that I have never been able to fuel up properly. I have an extremely sensitive stomach. […]