10 Mile Race

What happens after you have a bad long run? Do you automatically start to doubt your ability on race day or do you move on and chalk it up to training? I’ve done both. 9 years ago when I first started training for marathons a bad long run would get me down for weeks. I […]

Beautiful....all of it....

Two weeks out from Boston this weekend was not about running. I squeezed in a semi speedy 12 miler on Friday because I just wasn’t in the mood to run – strange I know – 12 miles is better than no long run miles. 6 weeks between back to back marathons is too long for my […]

Kinvara 3

After procrastinating a little this morning I set off for my first long run post B & A and my first long run of Boston Marathon training 2012. B & A Marathon and Boston Marathon are six weeks apart. I happen to think is a very awkward distance when attempting back to back marathons. Last […]

24 Miles

I repeated this over and over to myself on my run yesterday. I had been dreading my long run. 5 weeks out from B & A Trail Marathon I knew that I wanted to do my longest and slowest long run of this training cycle. The only other person who typically runs my pace and […]

Treadmill Run 1-21-12

I asked myself this not two hours ago while running my longest long run this year on the treadmill. Ice and freezing temperatures outside meant that I would be doing my first super long run on the treadmill. To say I wasn’t looking forward to it was an understatement. I don’t make excuses so I […]


One of the many things I hate and love about life is that it can change in an instant. Thursday was just about one of the worst days of my life. Two sicks kids + tired mommy + hubby working late = misery. Friday since hubby had worked so late he decided he could/would take […]

Chloe Mommy

I get questions each week about my training. I find these questions hard to answer at times because I am constantly switching up what I do each training cycle. I don’t want my body to get comfortable, I don’t want it to ever stop adapting. I keep it guessing. I keep it confused. If you run 5 […]

My treadmill is in my bedroom, literally 2 feet from my bed. It faces the TV and my favorite corner of the house. I am thankful that instead of putting the treadmill in our unfinished basement we put it in my bedroom. I like looking at things that make me happy. The treadmill reminds me […]

I live for Saturday afternoons. I love the sheer exhaustion that comes from Saturday morning long runs. I love the soreness I feel in my legs, my body – knowing I have pushed myself to the limit for that day. I do not enjoy rest days, but know they have their place. For one reason […]

Each training cycle I do at least one run where I run for time, not distance. This teaches my body to be out running for a long time, but also teaches me how to pace myself. It does not matter how fast I run, or how many miles I complete, the time on the clock […]

Somewhere around mile 14.5 I looked at my Garmin. I wanted to hit 18 so I could take a step back week this coming weekend, but I was not sure I had the motivation in me to run any more miles alone. I knew that I could run straight home and I would be at […]

Thursday I wanted to run. The kids slept in, so I slept in. The heat and humidity seemed to rise with every passing moment. I would run later in the day I reasoned. When my husband came home I told him I wanted to run, if not now then later, but I wanted to run. I wanted […]

Here is what my running week looked like last week: Training for Marine Corps Marathon has not officially started yet but I still like to evaluate my running each week to see what worked and what did not. When I look at this week and critique it, I see a couple of things. 1. Double […]

Here is what my running week looked like last week: Training for Marine Corps Marathon has not officially started yet but I still like to evaluate my running each week to see what worked and what did not. When I look at this week and critique it, I see a couple of things. 1. Double […]

I often get asked if I believe in the long slow distance principle for long runs.  I do. I typically run my long runs 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds slower than my goal race pace. As I have matured and learned more about the science behind running and long runs I now know […]

Is it summer yet?  I’m sick of cold weather training already! I ran three times last week.  This isn’t enough.  It isn’t enough mentally and it’s certainly not enough if I plan to successfully run Boston.  I could dwell on this or I can choose to move on and focus on the success’s I had.  […]

I find myself on New Years Eve doing one of the many things I love, writing.  I remarked on this mornings run that I had decided my plans for the night included blogging, wine and lots of reminiscing about a year that went nothing as planned.  I began my day by running my first 12 miler […]

With the summer quickly coming to a close, those of you who are training for fall marathons should be deep into your training programs.  Some of you may even be approaching your longest long runs and beginning tapers for early October marathons.  Ashley, one of my readers, sent me an email asking my thoughts on […]

It’s mile 22 Dorothy – you have four to go – this is how your legs feel at the end of a marathon. DEAD. You must push on. Push through the pain. Manage the pain. Make your body do what your mind wants it to. *Snow* *Snow* and more *Snow* If you live on the […]

Yesterday morning I had 5 easy miles I needed to run. Easy is always a funny word to me when I head out the door pushing two kids. However I tried my best to keep the miles relatively slow. My mind started wandering to my long run this past weekend with MR PIC. I had […]

Recently I read the book Not Buying It about a husband and wife who for a year decide to only buy essential items. They do this not so much in an effort to save money but to see what life is like when we consume less and live more. I don’t know the book has […]

Headed to the track last night to do 4 x 1 mile in lovely coolish weather – a rare treat for the first day of September. I ran my warm up a little faster than usual to really get my heart pumping and then started the workout right away. My goal was to get sub […]