What happens after you have a bad long run? Do you automatically start to doubt your ability on race day or do you move on and chalk it up to training? I’ve done both. 9 years ago when I first started training for marathons a bad long run would get me down for weeks. I […]

Two weeks out from Boston this weekend was not about running. I squeezed in a semi speedy 12 miler on Friday because I just wasn’t in the mood to run – strange I know – 12 miles is better than no long run miles. 6 weeks between back to back marathons is too long for my […]

After procrastinating a little this morning I set off for my first long run post B & A and my first long run of Boston Marathon training 2012. B & A Marathon and Boston Marathon are six weeks apart. I happen to think is a very awkward distance when attempting back to back marathons. Last […]

I repeated this over and over to myself on my run yesterday. I had been dreading my long run. 5 weeks out from B & A Trail Marathon I knew that I wanted to do my longest and slowest long run of this training cycle. The only other person who typically runs my pace and […]

I asked myself this not two hours ago while running my longest long run this year on the treadmill. Ice and freezing temperatures outside meant that I would be doing my first super long run on the treadmill. To say I wasn’t looking forward to it was an understatement. I don’t make excuses so I […]

One of the many things I hate and love about life is that it can change in an instant. Thursday was just about one of the worst days of my life. Two sicks kids + tired mommy + hubby working late = misery. Friday since hubby had worked so late he decided he could/would take […]

I get questions each week about my training. I find these questions hard to answer at times because I am constantly switching up what I do each training cycle. I don’t want my body to get comfortable, I don’t want it to ever stop adapting. I keep it guessing. I keep it confused. If you run 5 […]

My treadmill is in my bedroom, literally 2 feet from my bed. It faces the TV and my favorite corner of the house. I am thankful that instead of putting the treadmill in our unfinished basement we put it in my bedroom. I like looking at things that make me happy. The treadmill reminds me […]

I live for Saturday afternoons. I love the sheer exhaustion that comes from Saturday morning long runs. I love the soreness I feel in my legs, my body – knowing I have pushed myself to the limit for that day. I do not enjoy rest days, but know they have their place. For one reason […]

Each training cycle I do at least one run where I run for time, not distance. This teaches my body to be out running for a long time, but also teaches me how to pace myself. It does not matter how fast I run, or how many miles I complete, the time on the clock […]

Somewhere around mile 14.5 I looked at my Garmin. I wanted to hit 18 so I could take a step back week this coming weekend, but I was not sure I had the motivation in me to run any more miles alone. I knew that I could run straight home and I would be at […]

Thursday I wanted to run. The kids slept in, so I slept in. The heat and humidity seemed to rise with every passing moment. I would run later in the day I reasoned. When my husband came home I told him I wanted to run, if not now then later, but I wanted to run. I wanted […]