Lauren Fleshman the uber talented runner, blogger extraordinaire at and inventor of Picky Bars, my NEW favorite energy bar, is going to be at the YMCA at 63rd and Central Park West tonight 11/2/11 at 6pm. Join the fun to meet Lauren and taste some yummy bars – gluten and dairy free! If you don’t […]

I often wonder what people find interesting in my posts. Google stats can tell me how many of you are reading but not why. I would love to know why you read my blog and how you found it! Here are some of my most popular posts – according to YOU.  The TOP 16 posts […]

A couple of weeks back I did a post on my future marathon goal. It was inspired by a facebook post that Josh Cox had posted. I laid my dream of one day running a 3:10 out there. HEY JOSH COX: HERE IS MY DREAM As fate would have it National Marathon was bought by […]

While wasting time on facebook the other night I came across a post from Josh Cox. As soon as I read it I knew the fact that I was up so late, was for a reason. I have big dreams – HUGE – for running and for my life. I do not typically share them. Why? […]