I’m always on the search for food that tastes good, doesn’t hurt my stomach and actually works as quick fuel pre-run or post-run. I do not eat 100 percent gluten free, but have felt better since limiting the amount of gluten I eat. I started doing this because of stomach issues and have found that […]

Vega Energizing Smoothie according to Vega: Energize your day with a convenient, on-the-go nutrient boost. Energizing Smoothie gives you the all-natural, plant-based goodness you expect from Vega—compete with protein, fiber and Omega-3—but unlike traditional smoothies, you only need water to shake and go. In four mouth-watering flavors: mixed tropical fruits, chocolate, vanilla almond and berries […]

Runners are all different. Our bodies and stomachs all handle things differently. The only thing I can say with CERTAINTY is that you without a doubt NEED to eat breakfast the morning of a marathon.  I do not eat breakfast before any long runs, yet I would NEVER skip a morning meal race day. There […]