I did not go out too fast. I was unsure what this morning would bring for me. I had NO time goal in mind and repeated the words of coach George in my head. Start slow, finish fast. Race for your place, not a fast time. I woke up before 6 to check weather.com then […]

Toonks asked how I feel about racing back to back races. I’ve been thinking for days what to say on this because really it is a very slippery slope. Here’s how I feel….. Racing back to back is NOT a good idea for most. In fact it’s almost impossible to race back to back and […]

Miss 1:34:35 Sunday morning I was Miss 1:34:35 – Sunday afternoon I was Miss 1:32:52 Saturday night before the race my husband asked me what my plan was and what my half marathon PR was. I said I had no plan because I wasn’t sure if my legs were going to give me 7:30s or […]