I am telling this story exactly how I feel it happened. These are my words, my thoughts and my opinions. No one can change them and I am entitled to them. If you want to hear about my experience read on. If you have nothing nice to say, do as your mother told you and […]

It sounds crazy to say that I knew October 16th would be my day, but I did. I knew that no matter what my time was it was EXACTLY what was supposed to happen. It was exactly where God wanted me to be on that day, with the perfect timing. Why? His timing is perfect, […]

Ask yourself this. If you do not BELIEVE in yourself how can others? If you do not think you can run a 5K. Then you can’t. If you do not think you can run a 10K. Then you can’t. If you think that 13.1 miles is more than you will ever run in your lifetime. […]

Overwhelmed. It was the topic of a blog post a couple of weeks ago and this one word still seems to sum up my life right now. The tip that helped the most from reader comments, and is still helping, was about breaking up tasks/accomplishments in to small things. On days I do the dishes, I […]