Everything happens for a reason. Literally everything. We might not see the ultimate plan before us but it is there. We must bend but not break.  This summer my mom was part of an awesome contest where the top prize was a trip to London to watch the 2012 Olympics. My mom, who used to […]

I think it is important after every marathon to take a look at your splits and see where there is room for improvement. This chart is the side by side split comparison for all 26.2 miles of the last four marathons I have run. At Boston Marathon 2011 I started out at what I would […]

Let me just preface this post with this statement. I am in no way recommending that you do back to back marathons two weeks apart or even just back to back marathons. I do know however that there are many runners out there just like me who throw caution to the wind as they say […]

The marathon is a long race. So long so that my mind still can not truly wrap itself around the distance after running seventeen 26.2’s. When racing – I no longer count how many miles to go. It is discouraging. Instead I find words, phrases, quotes that motivate me to keep going when I think […]

What follows are my thoughts on pace groups. You may or may not agree with what I have to say. That’s fine. When discussing this topic with my husband after Columbus Marathon, he remarked, some people like to turn off their brains and just run. For those people who just want someone else to do […]

I am telling this story exactly how I feel it happened. These are my words, my thoughts and my opinions. No one can change them and I am entitled to them. If you want to hear about my experience read on. If you have nothing nice to say, do as your mother told you and […]

My husband never understands why I try to combine marathons with family trips. Truth of the matter is that I would prefer to travel to all my marathons alone and have some relaxing time away. [Yes I think a marathon is relaxing and my idea of the perfect solo vacation]. Seeing as that Columbus Marathon was […]

Who or what is your strong?  They are mine. Like Mother Like Daughter Like Granddaughter Congrats to my mom who also ran Columbus Marathon on Sunday. So happy we got to share #17 together! Looking forward to many more years and many more marathons with her by my side.

I’m not a magician. I think the Lord has blessed me with the gift of running but I don’t think it is because I am now a 3:13 marathoner. I think I was blessed when I ran a 4:20, a 4:56. Running is a gift no matter what your pace is. I share so many […]

There are many factors that have to come together for a successful marathon. Out of the 17 I’ve run I have made the most right decisions on 3 of them, B & A Trail Marathon 2010, Potomac River Run Marathon 2011 and Columbus Marathon 2011. It is no surprise that these 3 races happen to […]

It sounds crazy to say that I knew October 16th would be my day, but I did. I knew that no matter what my time was it was EXACTLY what was supposed to happen. It was exactly where God wanted me to be on that day, with the perfect timing. Why? His timing is perfect, […]

16 marathons over 8 years has taught me that you ALWAYS wear less on race day than you want to. Here is a great article on the best temperature for a marathon! http://www.poweringmuscles.com/Sports-Science-11,Cold_Weather_Best_For_Marathon_Performance.html Here is what I will be wearing on Sunday. Saucony shorts and a sports bra. I’m bringing my hat if it gets cold […]