Since moving my treadmill earlier in the summer, I haven’t used it, not once. First it was because it was gathering dust in my garage, and then because I just didn’t want to. This is the first year I’ve been able to run four days a week without having to worry about pushing my kids, […]

Myself, Michelle and Jess will be taking over Fitness Magazine’s instagram account on Monday April 21! Jess and I will be running the race and taking pictures at Athlete’s Village, along the course, and at the finish – while Michelle will be spectating and sending you what she is seeing from the sidelines. The three of […]

One of the quirky little things I like to do before races is to make sure my nails are painted and that my hair is straight. I will literally get up an extra 15 minutes early to flat iron my hair. Ditto with going to bed late to make sure even my toes are painted […]

After what felt like a couple of month hiatus from sharing my randomness on this blog {really it was about two weeks – so short no one even noticed I was gone – ha} – I officially feel back and ready to share! At the beginning of April my mom {@misslesleyruns on twitter and instagram} was interviewed […]

Running Boston Marathon on Monday and need some new music to add to your playlist? Not that you need ANY music at the BOSTON MARATHON but if you are one of those who just can’t imagine running a marathon without music here are some new beats for your list. For the record I’ve run Boston […]

A quick little post for the morning – a follow up to my Boston Race Recap that can be found HERE. When I wrote about my Boston experience on Monday I had no idea it would be such a popular post – many of you loved it – many of you hated it and let me […]

Today I ran my 20th marathon. It’s always surreal to me when my words are the words that help me the most. It’s why I blog. I love inspiring others but most of all I write every word for myself. To document my journey. To give me STRONG when I don’t have any. To learn. […]

4 days till Boston Marathon! If you want to track me on Monday my number is: 6945 The Boston Marathon website is: The text tracking link can be found here: I won’t say good luck because I don’t much believe in luck – what I do believe in is making your DREAMS COME TRUE. Boston Marathoners […]

After procrastinating a little this morning I set off for my first long run post B & A and my first long run of Boston Marathon training 2012. B & A Marathon and Boston Marathon are six weeks apart. I happen to think is a very awkward distance when attempting back to back marathons. Last […]

I repeated this over and over to myself on my run yesterday. I had been dreading my long run. 5 weeks out from B & A Trail Marathon I knew that I wanted to do my longest and slowest long run of this training cycle. The only other person who typically runs my pace and […]

Meet Erin Henderson, a super speedy mom of 12. Yes I said 12. Next time you want to find an excuse why your kids prevent you from working out or running, think of Erin and how she makes it happen! Name: Erin Henderson Age: 34 Location: Afton, WY Twitter Name: @SeeMomRunFar Blog Name: How long […]

My treadmill is in my bedroom, literally 2 feet from my bed. It faces the TV and my favorite corner of the house. I am thankful that instead of putting the treadmill in our unfinished basement we put it in my bedroom. I like looking at things that make me happy. The treadmill reminds me […]