Adam Condit 1

Name: Adam Condit Age: 29 Location: Cedar Rapids, IA Running Blog: Running Homepage: Twitter: @adamcondit Occupation: Systems Engineer Years Running: 16 years Why did you start running:  I started running in middle school to be in a sport my friends were in. At the time bike racing and soccer were my sports of choice, but soccer wasn’t offered in middle […]

Athlete Bio - Jenelle 1

Name: Jenelle Glover Age: 30 Location: Corning, NY Blog: Occupation: Speech Pathologist Years Running: 20 years, I started running in 7th grade on the cross-country team. Why did you start running? When I was younger, I figured out pretty quick that I wasn’t the best at sports like soccer, softball, etc. I decided to try running […]

Athlete Bio - Victoria 1

Name: Victoria TenBroeck Age: 29 Location: Savannah, GA Blog: Twitter:  Victoria_Runs Facebook: Occupation: Sales Years Running: Like for sure running…. 2 years. Dabbled with it 5 years ago but that ended when I threw my princess crown on the ground at a Disney race. Why did you start running: The RnR Savannah was coming to town for its Inaugural […]

Athlete Bio - Corey 2

Meet Corey, the blogger behind Schnoodles Of Fun. Join me in wishing this runner and VERY Happy 32nd Birthday! Name: Corey Parker Age: 32 (This week!) Location: Greenville, SC Blog: Twitter:  @coreymarie13 Occupation: Strategic Project Management Years Running: 15, but seriously running: 4 Why did you start running: I was a Division 1 Softball […]

Athlete Bio - Holly 1

Meet Holly, the blogger behind Fashionable Miles. Holly didn’t let the fact that she wasn’t really a runner stop her from signing up for a marathon. She signed up and became one. She is the perfect example of someone who dreamed of a goal and went after it! Name: Holly Batchelder Age: 37 Location: Houston, […]

Run With Jess 1

Meet Jess the blogger behind Run With Jess. I’m loving her favorite quote – “A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot.”  A good reminder that it’s OK for a goal to scare you! Name: Jess McMullin Age: 37 Location: Central Illinois, but I still call Wisconsin “home” Blog: Twitter:  RUNwJESS Occupation: Stay-Home Mom, […]


Meet Zaneta, the blogger behind Zaneta Runs. While reading her bio you might notice that she loves exclamation points – I think this shows just how much this girl loves to run! What do you think? Name: Zaneta Brown Age: 24 Blog: Twitter: @superwoman4002 How long have you been running: My whole life, but […]

Ali Hat 2

Meet Ali the blogger behind Miles With Style. This speedy runner qualified for Boston on her first marathon attempt!!! Name: Ali Hatfield Age: 25 Twitter: @AHatfield08 Blog: How long have you been running: 15 years Favorite race distance and why: Every time I try a longer race distance, that becomes my favorite. At the moment, my favorite race distance […]

Courtney 2

Meet Courtney, a girl whose love of running is infectious. Courtney proves you don’t have to have been running your whole life to inspire others to run. Check out this bio of a former dancer turned marathoner! Name: Courtney Schwartz (soon to be Crespin!) Age: 25 Location: Denver, CO Twitter Name: @cisforcourtney Blog Name: Team: Runner’s […]

Amanda Brooks 1

Meet Amanda, a 30 something blogger who finds joy in every single run. Amanda likes to improve but isn’t wrapped up in her race times! Name: Amanda Brooks Age: 30 Location: Miami, FL Twitter Name: @RunToTheFinish Blog Name: How long have you been running: 10 years Favorite race distance and why: 10 miles. If […]

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Meet Erin Henderson, a super speedy mom of 12. Yes I said 12. Next time you want to find an excuse why your kids prevent you from working out or running, think of Erin and how she makes it happen! Name: Erin Henderson Age: 34 Location: Afton, WY Twitter Name: @SeeMomRunFar Blog Name: How long […]

Audrey 2

Meet Audrey – a speedy mom to four, yes four kids! When I first met her [at the pool] I couldn’t believe she even had one baby let alone four. On top of being a mom to 4 kids she still MAKES the time to run, often pushing two kids while the other two ride their bikes […]


Name: Rachel Taylor Age: 27 Twitter: @RachyT How long have you been running: 5 years Favorite race distance and why: The marathon. I love everything about it. I love my long runs during training. Sometimes I’ll just get lost in the moment, and the next thing I know I’ve ran 10 miles without even realizing. I […]

Lauren Gabler

Name:Lauren Gabler Age: 27 Location: Washington, DC Twitter Name: @LJG2484 Blog: How long have you been running: 12 years Favorite Race Distance and why: Definitely the 10 miler – long enough to feel like you did some work but short enough that you’re not beat up after. How many marathons have you run:  7 Where you started to where […]

Jessica K

Name: Jessica Karazsia Age: 36 Location: Alexandria, VA Twitter Name: @irun26at8 Blog Name: How long have you been running: I have been running for about 11 years, but racing for 6. Favorite race distance and why: I love the marathon because it’s so much more than just the race. It’s the journey to the […]

Name: Jessica Karazsia Age: 36 Location: Alexandria, VA Twitter Name: @irun26at8 Blog Name: How long have you been running: I have been running for about 11 years, but racing for 6. Favorite race distance and why: I love the marathon because it’s so much more than just the race. It’s the journey to the […]

Name: Elyse Braner  Age: 27 Run affiliations:  Manager of Endurance Sports at the Greater Washington Sports Alliance, Fun Run Guru at Pacers Logan Circle, Run Ambassador at lululemon Logan Circle, and Volunteer at Girls on the Run DC Favorite race distance:  In high school and college I ran track and cross country.  The 800m and the […]

Melody with her hubby! [they met on a group run] I’m excited to introduce this next runner and blogger to you! Melody is one of my NuunMates on my Hood To Coast Relay Team AfterNUUNdelight. She ran her first marathon at the Potomac River Run Marathon 2011[she qualified for Boston on her 1st marathon] where despite […]

Name: Lizzy Colanto Age: 29 Location: West of Boston, MA, near the start of the Boston Marathon! Website: Twitter: @FoodtoRunFor Years Running: Too many to count, 21 years I think. PRs: Marathon: 4:24:08 Half: 1:50:4310 Mile: 1:24:2410K: 51:445K: 23:36 Favorite Race Distance: hmmm probably the half or the 10K but currently like the 5K […]

Name: David H.Age: 33 Location: Bedford, Va. Website: Twitter: @RunningBecause Years Running: In my 8th year; also ran track in high school in the mid-1990s PRs:Marathon: 4:12:51, 2007 Richmond (Va.) MarathonHalf Marathon: 1:42:52, 2010 Shamrock Half Marathon, Virginia Beach, Va.10 Mile: 1:22:49, 2006, Virginia 10 Miler, Lynchburg, Va.10K: 48:08, 2011 Monument Avenue 10k, Richmond, […]

Wish Amy luck as she races her 5th marathon this Sunday May 1st. Here’s wishing Amy lots of fast miles and a 26.2 PR! Name: Amy Shopkorn Age: 33 Location: Falls Church, VA Website: Twitter: @welcometoboston Years Running: 10 (with a long break from racing from 2003-2008). Really, I’ve been running since middle school though […]

Post run pregnant with baby #3 Here’s wishing this inspirational mommy runner of three a very Happy Birthday!! Name: Jessica Hofheimer Age: 35 Location: Reston, VA Blog: Years Running: 11 PRs: Marathon: 4:35:09 (2010)Half Marathon: 1:55:47 (2010)10 Mile: 1:28:43 (2009) 10K: 54:48 (2009) 5K: 25:22 (2010) Favorite Race Distance: Half Marathon or 10 Miler. How […]

This awesome runner ran 3 marathons back to back last spring and is proof positive that for some runners it just WORKS! Name: Amy Schneider Age: 33 Location: Denver, CO Years Running: 12 Team: Runners Roost Twitter: @5280RunnerGal Favorite race distance: Marathon PRs:5K: N/A – Never run one! Will definitely be trying this distance later […]

In exactly two weeks this speedy lady will be taking off in her wave of the Boston Marathon! Name: Aron Eichhorn Age: 29 Location: Bay Area, CA Blog: Twitter: @runnersrambles Years Running: 3 PRs: Marathon: 3:39:34Half Marathon: 1:42:3910 Mile: 1:20:3910K: 46:595K: 22:31 Favorite Race Distance: There is nothing like the feeling of crossing a […]

A week ago today this mommy runner of three was running the fastest marathon of her life! Name: Tonia Blanchet Age: 29 Location: Glen Allen, VA Blog: Twitter: @tmbrunnerfirst Years Running: 3.5  PRs: Marathon: 4:15:48 (2011)Half Marathon: 1:57:06 (2011)10 Mile: 1:30:40 (2010) 10K: 53:17 (2008) 8K: 38:54 (2010)5K: 24:09 (2010) Favorite Race Distance: […]

Name: Liz Elko Age: 23 Location: Arlington,VA Years Running: 13 Favorite race distance: It’s a toss up between 10 Miler and Half Marathon PRs:5K: 19:454 Miler: 25:188K: 32:3210K: 40:3010 Miler: 1:05:23Half Marathon: 1:27:1020-Miler: 2:24:50Marathon: 3:07:31 Do you cross train or lift weights: While I see the value in cross-training, I’ll admit I’m pretty bad at […]

Name: Ashley Flick Age: 30 Location: South Riding, VA Years Running:  8 PRs: Marathon: 3:23:36Half Marathon: 1:29:23 10 Mile: 67:12 10K: 39:35 5K: 19:29 Favorite Race Distance: Half Marathon How Many Marathons Have You Completed: 3 (+13 halfs) Race Advice/Tip: Don’t forget to have fun – somewhere, somehow along the course – those are […]

 Jeff accepting his award for the overall win at the B & A Trail Marathon Name: Jeff Shadley Age: 42 Location: Idaho Falls, ID  Years Running: 10 years total, 6 years competitively racing  PRs: Marathon: 2:32:06 Half Marathon : 1:15:36 10K: 33:30 5K: 16:54 Favorite Race Distance: marathon How Many Marathons Have […]

Megan, Meredith[MR PIC], and I before the Richmond Marathon! Name: Megan Parker Age: 30 Location: Potomac Falls, VA Years Running: 14 PRs: Marathon: 3:26:06Half Marathon 1:35:0210K: 42: 498K: 34:37 Favorite Race Distance: My shorter race history isn’t very long, and on top of it, I haven’t raced all the distances. But, the race that I […]

Name: Elizabeth Clor Age: 31 Location: Chantilly, VA Years Running: 10 years running, 5 years racing Favorite Race Distance: 10-miler Favorite Pre-Race Food: Some form of bread, usually a bagel Favorite Post-Race Food: Ice cream if the race was hot and anything warm, like a funnel cake, if the race was cold! PR’s: 5K: 22:21 5-mile: […]