Name: Adam Condit Age: 29 Location: Cedar Rapids, IA Running Blog: Running Homepage: Twitter: @adamcondit Occupation: Systems Engineer Years Running: 16 years Why did you start running:  I started running in middle school to be in a sport my friends were in. At the time bike racing and soccer were my sports of choice, but soccer wasn’t offered in middle […]

Name: Jenelle Glover Age: 30 Location: Corning, NY Blog: Occupation: Speech Pathologist Years Running: 20 years, I started running in 7th grade on the cross-country team. Why did you start running? When I was younger, I figured out pretty quick that I wasn’t the best at sports like soccer, softball, etc. I decided to try running […]

Name: Victoria TenBroeck Age: 29 Location: Savannah, GA Blog: Twitter:  Victoria_Runs Facebook: Occupation: Sales Years Running: Like for sure running…. 2 years. Dabbled with it 5 years ago but that ended when I threw my princess crown on the ground at a Disney race. Why did you start running: The RnR Savannah was coming to town for its Inaugural […]

Meet Corey, the blogger behind Schnoodles Of Fun. Join me in wishing this runner and VERY Happy 32nd Birthday! Name: Corey Parker Age: 32 (This week!) Location: Greenville, SC Blog: Twitter:  @coreymarie13 Occupation: Strategic Project Management Years Running: 15, but seriously running: 4 Why did you start running: I was a Division 1 Softball […]

Meet Holly, the blogger behind Fashionable Miles. Holly didn’t let the fact that she wasn’t really a runner stop her from signing up for a marathon. She signed up and became one. She is the perfect example of someone who dreamed of a goal and went after it! Name: Holly Batchelder Age: 37 Location: Houston, […]

Meet Jess the blogger behind Run With Jess. I’m loving her favorite quote – “A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot.”  A good reminder that it’s OK for a goal to scare you! Name: Jess McMullin Age: 37 Location: Central Illinois, but I still call Wisconsin “home” Blog: Twitter:  RUNwJESS Occupation: Stay-Home Mom, […]

Meet Zaneta, the blogger behind Zaneta Runs. While reading her bio you might notice that she loves exclamation points – I think this shows just how much this girl loves to run! What do you think? Name: Zaneta Brown Age: 24 Blog: Twitter: @superwoman4002 How long have you been running: My whole life, but […]

Meet Ali the blogger behind Miles With Style. This speedy runner qualified for Boston on her first marathon attempt!!! Name: Ali Hatfield Age: 25 Twitter: @AHatfield08 Blog: How long have you been running: 15 years Favorite race distance and why: Every time I try a longer race distance, that becomes my favorite. At the moment, my favorite race distance […]

Meet Courtney, a girl whose love of running is infectious. Courtney proves you don’t have to have been running your whole life to inspire others to run. Check out this bio of a former dancer turned marathoner! Name: Courtney Schwartz Age: 25 Location: Denver, CO Twitter Name: @cisforcourtney Blog Name: Team: Runner’s Roost How long have […]

Meet Amanda, a 30 something blogger who finds joy in every single run. Amanda likes to improve but isn’t wrapped up in her race times! Name: Amanda Brooks Age: 30 Location: Miami, FL Twitter Name: @RunToTheFinish Blog Name: How long have you been running: 10 years Favorite race distance and why: 10 miles. If […]

Meet Erin Henderson, a super speedy mom of 12. Yes I said 12. Next time you want to find an excuse why your kids prevent you from working out or running, think of Erin and how she makes it happen! Name: Erin Henderson Age: 34 Location: Afton, WY Twitter Name: @SeeMomRunFar Blog Name: How long […]

Meet Audrey – a speedy mom to four, yes four kids! When I first met her [at the pool] I couldn’t believe she even had one baby let alone four. On top of being a mom to 4 kids she still MAKES the time to run, often pushing two kids while the other two ride their bikes […]