One of the many things I was reminded of at Army Ten Miler is that what you wear is EXTREMELY important in long distance races. Again long distance is relative to the person but for me a long race is anything over 10 miles. The temperature on Sunday just before the race was around 50 […]

I wanted this post to be different than it’s going to, but as my dear virtual friend Tess says every run has a lesson to teach us and I learned/remembered quite a few from this 10 miler. This race was a last minute addition to my fall calendar – after racing well under my 1:10 goal […]

If you are a race director what’s on the top of your list for your race? Making sure it sells out. I find it pretty hilarious that Army Ten Miler sold out this year in less than 2 days[yes I said hilarious – I’m a running geek – I find these types of things funny]. […]

I love a good contest! Winning ‘free’ stuff is one of my all time favorite things. Some say this makes me cheap – I say it makes me up for a good non running challenge every now and then. My love of contests started when I actually won one. I didn’t usually enter things because […]