If you are in search of the perfect gift this year for the runner in your life, or want to add something to your running list, check out all the fun Saucony apparel options online at www.saucony.com! Coupon Code – MILEPOSTS gets you 15% off apparel from now till 12/31/11 [US residents only] Don’t know […]

If you are looking for arm warmers that provide function over fashion [though I do still think they are a fashionable solid color] check out the Saucony Elite Arm Warmers. They are tight enough to offer some compression, but not so tight they are uncomfortable. They have never ONCE slipped down and have worked well […]

Miss 1:34:35 Sunday morning I was Miss 1:34:35 – Sunday afternoon I was Miss 1:32:52 Saturday night before the race my husband asked me what my plan was and what my half marathon PR was. I said I had no plan because I wasn’t sure if my legs were going to give me 7:30s or […]