Months ago I started Allergy Shot Therapy at my ENT for my year round seasonal allergies. It was three shots weekly, given at the same time, two in one arm, one in the other. At my ENT I was unable to make a weekly appointment but rather had to call on certain days and make sure it was okay […]

It’s taking me a little bit to adjust to my new normal. I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve slipped up a couple of times but for the most part I’m on track. One slip up led to a raging headache with in 10 minutes and I vowed to REALLY take to heart that I can’t eat […]

Day 5 Food: Roasted Beets Basmati Brown Rice Rice Cakes Peach Jelly Corn Chips {not on the allergy diet at all but I wanted them and I don’t feel bad about it since I’m not allergic to corn} Salad Mix Juiced Carrots Juiced Beets Chicken Shortly after I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I […]

Day 4 food was pretty much the exact same as the previous 3 days. Roasted Sweet Potatoes Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad Mix Roasted Beets Basmati Brown Rice Beef I didn’t workout or run on Sunday. I hung around most of the day, napped and recovered from staying out too late the night before. I still felt […]

AM Workout: 3 treadmill miles 55 minutes of spin class strength Day 3 Food: Basmati Brown Rice Peach Jelly {organic with no fake sugars} Chicken Carrots Kale Brussels Sprouts Salad with chicken {middle of the night – I was out – better than the mozzarella sticks I would have been eating in my college days} […]

Day 2 of the allergy elimination diet my allergist put me on was MUCH easier than day 1. I’m not feeling sorry for myself anymore. Today it seems fun to really know what it feels like to feel good from the inside out. My energy levels are up. I took day two off and didn’t […]

I made it through day one of the allergy elimination diet my allergist put me on. This is a victory in my book. It’s a struggle for me not to eat certain foods I am drawn too and certainly a struggle to not have caffeine of any kind. Yesterdays food consisted of: Dried Peaches Fresh […]

I want to write out a long post right now, not so much for anyone other than myself – but I need coffee – so a long post and all the details is not happening BUT I need to vent. I have emotions I want to process and this is one of the best ways […]